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Wild and Free is the only way a koala should be

Adopt a koala

Koalas are listed as a vulnerable species throughout QLD and NSW in Australia. Current estimations say that more than 80% of the QLD koalas have been lost!

The primary issue that has to be addressed is simply to provide more habitat. Koala Gardens is dedicated to providing high quality habitat, food trees and a safe haven for wild koalas. Koala Gardens aims to become a model other private landowners can use to regenerate native habitat on their own properties.

The dream is to provide a model that people can follow to create a lifestyle that will help preserve a world for future generations. Imagine a world where no one ever sees a wild koala - that is something we can try to prevent!

Adopting a koala will allow you to actively do something to help save wild koalas in Australia
Maxine is a typical wild female koala living a healthy life at Koala Gardens

How does Adoption work?

Adoption of a wild koala is symbolic because they have to stay in their native habitat, but there is a difference in choosing to adopt a Koala Gardens koala from other adoption programs. There are levels of adoption depending on your own situation and what you would like in return for helping.

Right at this very moment our koalas are losing their homes, and their very lives.

Help create a safe home for koalas.

Adoption options

We all have different situations and needs, so you can choose an adoption package that suits you best. You can help out and adopt for as little as $10! All donations are made in AUD.

I wanna help Adoption option

A single adoption amount which will make a difference.


You can purchase an adoption as a gift for someone - just specify when processing with PayPal

Every little bit helps and for $10 you will receive an electronic adoption certificate.

$20 - $40 you will receive an electronic adoption certificate and information sheet about the koala you choose.

$50 one time payment is an incredibly generous support to the work at Koala Gardens and you will receive an electronic adoption certificate, information sheet about the koala you choose and a beautiful large bonus image of your koala.

If you choose over $50 you will receive another large bonus image of your koala suitable for desktop or screen saver for every extra $10


Keeping in the loop Adoption option

A recurring monthly amount that allows you to ensure Koala Gardens continue to work actively for the koala. You will receive an electronic adoption certificate and information sheet about the koala you choose, AND you will receive a monthly ebulletin about your koala.
This ebulletin will not be available anywhere else.

Only $10 AUD per month

This allows you to stay in touch with your adopted koala and collect memorabilia about that koala as the ebulletin will contain choice photos from the month as well as their story for the month.

Only two of the colony koalas are currently available for this adoption option.


Before you proceed however PLEASE NOTE:

ALL koalas at Koala Gardens are wild animals and are not held captive on the property. This means that these koalas may choose to leave at any time as they live within a colony and develop their own home ranges.

Any koala at Koala Gardens is able to leave the property and so is still at risk on surrounding roads and with animals on surrounding properties and this is beyond our control.

Koala Gardens cannot guarantee your adopted koala will remain on the property for you to watch and follow.

Koala Gardens can guarantee that every dollar helps protect koala habitat.

What happens to your money?

Koala Gardens is dedicated to regenerating and protecting native habitat with a focus on habitat.

The property actually contains habitat for FOURTEEN VULNERABLE native species.

Koala Gardens hires professional bush regenerators and experts for advice and regeneration works regularly. This is part of the dedication to ensure the work is conducted in line with the property managemnt plan and is of the highest quality and always carried out with the safety of the koala residents in mind.

The number one threat to koalas is the loss of habitat so you are helping to ensure habitat for the koala, and that Koala Gardens can assist other private landowners to restore habitat.

Just to plant one tree costs $8, so every adoption dollar counts to creating habitat.




Choose your koala and adoption option!

DEWDROP adoption $50.00 AUD

KRISSY adoption $50.00 AUD


Testimonial from Ukraine

I think adoption is a very successful form of distance help for the koala.
It is available to almost everyone, single or periodically. It is much more emotional and "sews long tail" because in many cases you are able to receive further news about the adopted koala and follow their life.

I advise those parents who are raising children, pay attention to the monthly form of assistance by "adoption". If the economic situation allows, children can economize "pocket" money or try to make money and transfer for "their" koala: it brings responsibility, discipline, enterprise, teaches that when we love something, we take care of it.

My family lives in Ukraine, but we all love the koalas. These amazing creatures have become our daily joy that we can see through the Internet. When I adopted Maxine, I felt that she became part of our family. I think about her, pray for her, looking forward to news of her life. The same applies to the hostess of Koala Gardens, where Maxine lives, Ms. Katrina - she became my girlfriend. It is so beautiful, in my life there is now a fluffy sun , and I met wonderful people who protect koalas, take care of nature, and this prompted me to become active to protect the environment myself.

Thus, the adoption of koalas has made my life even more interesting and enjoyable. I wish that everyone is able to buy such a great pleasure! Olga.


We all feel so helpless when we watch the destruction of forests all around the world. We want to help, but we all have our limitations, our responsibilities and abilities. This means not everyone can purchase land and actively regenerate habitat or work directly with koalas.

But you can be involved, you can make a difference and you can make it personal! Around the world people are falling in love with the beautiful colony of koalas that include Koala Gardens in their home range. Thousands of people log in to facebook every day to watch them thriving. This is an opportunity to connect with one or more of your favourite koalas and help save them and their species.



Regenerate native habitat

Provide a safe haven for koalas and a huge range of Australian native animals

Actively promote conservation, regeneration and protection of wildlife

Research impacts of regeneration on the koala




Adopt a koala


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