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Book 1 -
Finding Koala Gardens

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The Adventures of Mist - first book coming soon - Finding Koala Gardens

Mission Statement

Through the Adventures of Mist book series we are striving to create awareness for the plight of the koala, and other indigenous species, in the Australian bush. We aim to foster a greater understanding of the concerns facing native species and their loss of habitat, while also highlighting conservation efforts around the world.

Through Mist and her friends it is our goal to teach children the impact they can make on the world around them through conservation and responsible choices, while developing empathy for the wildlife we share our planet with.

We hope to engage children in a fun way that will bring them into the world that Mist inhabits, while providing key points for future discussion and learning opportunities.

Photo of the real wild koala Mist who lives at Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba

Watch this space for updates on this exciting new book!


Regenerate native habitat

Provide a safe haven for koalas and a huge range of Australian native animals

Actively promote conservation, regeneration and protection of wildlife

Research impacts of regeneration on the koala

Promote conservation through children's eduction


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Book one -
Finding Koala Gardens


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