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Book 1 -
Finding Koala Gardens

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Mist sat at the bottom of what was left of her tree and looked sadly around.  The men with the big trucks had come and cut down all the trees in her forest, and  now the other koalas were all gone. But Mist was too scared to move, so she had sat there all night and cried.

When Mist finds herself in a tough situation it’s time for all the friends in the forest to ban together and find a safe place to live.

Join them as they search to find Koala Gardens, and the safety of it’s trees.

For Koala Gardens is a magical place where the friends won’t have to worry about losing any more trees, and they can teach the world how important that is.

Illustration on right "Banjo kookaburra" by Lucienne Noontil

Banjo the kookaburra dismayed at the destruction of the forest
Becca Boucher is the author of four adult novels, a mom, blogger, and passionate about the environment. Especially koalas.
You can find her on Amazon and Facebook  

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Book one -
Finding Koala Gardens


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