Protecting koala populations through habitat regeneration - private landowners have the power. Every tree makes a difference.


Francesca Tenore from Italy will conduct a 1 hour pilates session using zoom for anyone donating to Koala Gardens by 4pm each Saturday

The session will be run at 6pm (AEST) on every Saturday from May 9  


Donate HERE to be eligible.

Check out Francesca’s web site showing her awesome work.

The koalas backyard

Watch the official Book Launch

the adventures of Mist - finding koala gardens childrens book

Finding Koala Gardens - Book One

Mist is a young koala who has lost her home. What will she do? Where will she go? Is there a safe place for this little koala?

The adventures of Mist - Look out childrens book

Look out! - Book Two

An unexpected visitor comes to Koala Gardens. Why is she here and how did she get here?

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History of Koala Gardens


Year by year koalas that have visited

The Adventures of MIST

Children's book series

Mist and Krissy at 8 months old

video gallery

Watch the antics of wild koalas

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Loads of awesome facts and articles

Nesting box project

Looking after entire ecosystems

Where can I find koala gardens?

All kinds of Social Media

Koala Gardens owner Katrina, goes over the entire property every day observing the koalas and other fauna and flora.  During this time photos of each koala on the property is taken.

A selection of these photos is posted most days on facebook and thousands of people around the world are able to be personally connected to the colony.

Katrina often records lots of video and when time permits uploads film to you tube to really help you get to know the colony and see the impact regenerating native habitat has on koala populations.

Koala Gardens also participate in a 365 project uploading daily photos of koalas and a huge range of flora and fauna on the property.

While all the world watches koala numbers dwindling with dismay, Koala Gardens is working to show private landowners that they can provide habitat and watch the numbers grow.

- Katrina Jeffery

Dewdrop - young female koala born at Koala Gardens in 2018