Protecting koala populations through habitat regeneration - private landowners have the power. Every tree makes a difference.
5 books in the Adventures of Mist series. On left the cover of the newest book 5 - Flood! On Right, top L Book 1, Finding Koala Gardens. Book 2, Lookout! Lower L Book 3, Fire! Book 4, Nugget Comes home.


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NEWS FLASH: New Adventures of Mist book 5 Flood! 


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The koalas backyard

A water colour painting of a koala named Mist sitting in a tree, facing left and looking backwards over her left shoulder. She is shown against a background of leaves, sitting on a horizontal branch and holding onto a vertical branch in front of her with all four paws. Top text: “The Adventures of Mist – Finding Koala Gardens”. A koala is drawn holding onto the left hand stroke of the capital A. Bottom of page text: Becca Boucher, Illustrated by Lucienne Noontil.

Finding Koala Gardens - Books One - Five

Mist is a young koala who lost her home. Through these books we follow her as she finds her way to Koala Gardens. As she grows she learns more things each year about how

Perfect Gift. Top section of cover of the Adventures of Mist book - Flood! The title shows and there is a painting of a koala in a tree on the left, it is raining and the koala is looking to the right at flood waters rising

Flood! - Book Five

It rained and rained. Why was there so much water? What can be done? Explored the dangers and possible solutions with Mist and her friends as they seek to ensure safety at Koala Gardens and around the world.

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History of Koala Gardens


Year by year koalas that have visited

The Adventures of MIST

Children's book series

A close up of female koala Mist sitting in the fork of a tree and holding on to the branch with her left front paw. Her face is obscured by her 8 month old joey Krissy who is peering over her arm. Both have their eyes open. Krissy is face is largely in view and he looks alert. months old

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koala info

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Nesting box project

Looking after entire ecosystems

Where can I find koala gardens?

All kinds of Social Media

Koala Gardens owner Katrina, goes over the entire property every day observing the koalas and other fauna and flora.  During this time photos of each koala on the property is taken.

A selection of these photos is posted most days on FaceBook and Instagram. Through this thousands of people around the world are able to be personally connected to the colony as they follow individual koalas.  

Katrina has now uploaded well over 1000 videos of the koalas here to YouTube. You can follow koalas through playlists for a wonderful binge experience. Subscribe so you are notified of each new video.

Koala Gardens also participates in a 365 project uploading daily photos of koalas and a huge range of flora and fauna on the property.

Young male koala hope looks directly at the camera which is zoomed in to his face. He has very round button eyes and holds on the branch with his left hand. The background is beautiful bokeh in natural colours.

While all the world watches koala numbers dwindling with dismay, Koala Gardens is working to show private landowners that they can provide habitat and watch the numbers grow.

- Katrina Jeffery

Young female koala Dewdrop is hugging a vertical branch in a eucalyptus tree. Against a background of other branches and leaves she is facing to the left. Her left hind leg and paw are in view. She is resting her head against her front paws and the branch. Her eyes are open but do not seem focussed on anything as she rests.