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Hope as a young koala 9 months old in a forest red gum looking directly at the camera

How do we like our koalas?

Wild and Free

Private landowners changing landscapes

Koala Gardens is a Wildlife Sanctuary saving wildlife one tree at a time.

Hope is a juvenile male koala. He is laying back on a branch behind his back and has his right hand holding above his head and his left arm across him holding on. There are green leaves surrounding him.

Get involved and connected

The world is watching koala numbers dwindling with dismay. Every year koalas are closer to the brink of extinction. However, there are people here who are not standing by, and are never giving up.

Koala Gardens demonstrates that show private landowners can provide habitat and watch the numbers grow. Will we wait for someone else to solve the problem and risk it becoming too late? By following along with the koala stories, you can know the power of positive thinking.

There is one simple answer – TREES.

Connect with nature and why we feel so good when we spend time in the bush with wild animals – even virtually. So come, join with us to make a difference!

There are so many ways you can connect and become part of the solution.

Egwene is a juvenile female koala. She is in an Angophora Tree with rough bark looking directly at the camera. She has dark fur and large ears.

However you like to get your news, you will find Koala Gardens delivering it to you. Whether you have time to watch documentaries, or you just need to quickly check on your favourite koala. Subscribe and follow Koala Gardens on all social media so that you never miss a thing!

Bonnie - mature female koala sitting in large tree fork looking forwards. White chest and two thumbs clearly showing.


From shorts to documentary style videos you can follow the lives of the wild koalas so you can keep up to date with the latest.

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Hope - juvenile male koala sitting on a thin branch looking over left shoulder to camera. Back legs are propped up with feet on tree trunk.


Daily photos telling stories of the koalas that come through Koala Gardens, so you are always up to date in a flash.

Follow for opportunities to vote on names for new koalas. Join Patreon to put new names in the mix.

Valentine - mature male looking out from behind tree trunk towards camera from the right.


Stay up to date on the latest news about the wild koalas living at Koala Gardens from anywhere and at anytime.

Photos of the colony members and visitors are posted most days every week so you always know the latest.

After all, there simply can never too such as thing as “too much koala”!

Don’t click away now, but come on in! Soon you will discover just how amazing Koala Gardens is. Moreover, you will want to become part of the family.