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Wattle is a gorgeous young male koala. Despite not arriving at Koala Gardens until mid November, 2022, we have seen him on the property 33 times that year. We think that Wattle may have moved on during the 2023 dispersal season, so we are not sure whether we will see him again at Koala Gardens. Whatever he decides, we hope he has a wonderful life, wild and free, and passes on his cuteness to lots of joeys.

Facing right, and shown against a background of leaves and rough barked branches, young male Wattle is asleep a fork of a tree. He is holding onto the branch if front of him. His head is turned to camera over his right shoulder and resting against this, showcasing his white chin, dark nose and fluffy ears. His eyes are closed. He looks contented as he sleeps.
Young Wattle is asleep in a eucalyptus tree. He is sitting on a narrow horizontal branch and holding on to a vertical branch in front of him with his right front and rear paws. His left arm and leg are dangling as he sleeps. His head is resting against the vertical branch he is holding. His young face is shown in left profile as he sleeps.
Facing right, young male koala Wattle is sitting in a eucalyptus tree, holding on to the tree trunk in front of him. The structure of his right front paw, with its two opposing digits is prominent in the image. Wattle is turning his head towards camera and resting it against the tree trunk and his right arm. His young face is visible as he looks down. His eyes are partially open as he rests.

Wattle has lots of videos on YouTube  where he already  has his own playlist. (below). He also appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022

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Against a background of leaves, young male koala Wattle is curled up asleep in a tree between two almost parallel vertical branches. He is holding on to the left hand branch with both rear and his right front paw. His left arm is stretched out to hold the right hand branch. His chin is resting on his left leg.
Wattle, a young light grey koala sitting in a eucalyptus tree holding on to the tree with his front hands and looking directly at the camera. His very round, liquid eyes are a big feature.