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Wattle is a gorgeous young male koala. Despite not arriving at Koala Gardens until mid November, 2022, we have seen him on the property 33 times that year. Time will tell, but, hopefully, we will be able to watch grow to maturity.

Wattle has lots of videos on YouTube  where he already  has his own playlist. (below). He also appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022

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You can become part of the Koala Gardens Colony by adopting Wattle, or one of the other resident wild koalas. You can also become a Patron,  and one level has an adoption option.

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You will become part of the family and help  provide much needed koala habitat.

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Koala Gardens publishes a small number of delightful illustrated children’s books in the The Adventures of Mist series. Check out the beautifully engaging and educational design.  Our mission is to help children to “Fall in love with Nature”.

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