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You will receive an email from Katrina at Koala Gardens to check the details for your adoption certificate.

Please keep an eye out for it, it may take up to 24 hours to arrive as these are not generated by automaton but are created by Katrina and emailed to you by hand. If you have any special wishes for names and forgot to include details, please send direct message through any social media and let her know. 

Check your junk folder in case your system diverts the message.

Check out @koalagardens on facebook, instagram and YouTube to see all the latest happenings.

Than you again – you are making a difference!


Takeshi is holding the trunk of a forest red gum and is behind the tree, peering around. we can see his face, nose pattern and he holds on with long sharp claws
Takeshi in a red gum
Facing right, Racee is sitting in a fork in a tree holding her joey Smokey in her lap. Smokey’s young joey face is seen as he rests his chin on his mum’s right arm. Racee’s face is hidden by her joey.
Smokey with mum Racee
A close up of Mist facing left and holding on to the tree trunk in front of her with her left hand. Joey Krissy is between Mist and the tree and looking over his Mum’s left arm. His young joey face is visible from the nose upwards and is partially obscuring Mist’s face which is also only visible from this level. The shading and texture of their thick, grey fur is shown and contrasts with their dark noses and bright dark eyes.
Mist with her last joey, Krissy