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Gorgeous young male Ash arrived in April 2020, when he spent 19 days at Koala Gardens. When he arrived he was around 4.5 – 5kg . He put on a lot of weight over the next 8 months, growing into a beautiful big boy.

In 2021 we only saw Ash 9 times and he didn’t visit at all in 2022. We all hoped that he had established a lovely home range close by, even if he didn’t pop into the eastern side of the property any more, and that he had gone on to father lots of joeys.

Male koala Ash lying across two branches against a background of leaves. Facing right he is holding onto each branch of the fork with his front paws and looking down between the gap in the branches. His face is clearly visible. His eyes are open and he looks alert. His back legs are dangling in the air The shape of his rear right paw and the black pad of his rear left paw are visible. The mottled white fur towards his rump can be seen, contrasting with his mostly pale grey coat.
Ash a pale grey male koala in a rough barked tree. Facing left he is holding onto the tree trunk in front of him, he is looking towards the camera giving a clear view of his face and fluffy ears.
A close up of the left profile of the face male koala Ash as he sits in a tree surrounded by leaves. His eyes are open and he looks relaxed

Imagine our surprise and delight when Katrina saw him on the property again on two separate days in May 2023. He passed through again in August, when he was spotted on one occasion. Ash is now a fully mature, healthy male koala, possibly living tantalizingly close to Koala Gardens.

We all hope that he calls in again soon. It is always lovely to see him.

He has lots of video on YouTube  and even has his own playlist. (below). He appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2020, 2021 and 2023


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Male Koala Ash sitting in the fork of a tree, with a background of leaves. facing right, he is looking over his shoulder to camera