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Darlene holding Elvis, standing with Katrina in front of Bullets favourite tree

Darlene visit

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Occasionally I am lucky enough to have someone who has followed Koala Gardens online for years come to Australia and visit. In March 2024, Darlene who has followed on Facebook since the very start, came out! You know you are getting close to Koala Gardens when you see these signs along the road. It was… Read More »Darlene visit

A full face close up of the face of mid-grey male koala Alan surrounded by leaves. His eyes are open and he looks alert.

Every Campbelltown koala counts!

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Everyone loves koalas, well most everyone. Use whatever you like from this blog post to make a stand and let the Australian Government and World Leaders know that YOU LOVE KOALAS and want them to be around for generations to come. To developers and politicians they are an enemy to progress. We have gotten used… Read More »Every Campbelltown koala counts!


What a fantastic response to the challenge in September. Huge thanks to all who participated, there will be more challenges and competitions to come soon! Here they are what a showcase!

Koala Awareness Challenge

This challenge tree will have several branches and you can enter as many as you like. The idea of this challenge is to raise awareness of koalas in a fun way and share with us so I can round the month out with a great showcase of talents. Branch ONE Bake koala themed goods and… Read More »Koala Awareness Challenge

Male koala Legion is sitting in a red-barked tree. Shown against a background of leaves and branches, he is holding on to a branch in front of him. His head is turned to show his face in right profile. His eyes are open and he looks alert.

Combating koala extinction

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Koala Gardens was recently interviewed on this topic by a journalist student. The process of being interviewed was really very enjoyable. We conducted the interview using zoom and I was reminded what a fantastic tool this is, and how all of us working to save koalas should use collaboration tools more. Kristen had researched the… Read More »Combating koala extinction

Valentine, a large male looks around from behind a pink bloodwood tree. he is holding the trunk with his right hand and both eyes are visible.

Conservation agreement ✔️

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NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust( On the north coast of NSW (New South Wales) in Australia, in a small regional area called Tuckurimba, local resident Katrina Jeffery spends an hour each morning on her quad bike checking the trees on her property for koalas. She has been doing this for over 4 years as part of… Read More »Conservation agreement ✔️

Large alpha male koala Hugo is sitting in a tree. There are leaves and branches in the background. There is an unobstructed view of his large round head and face as he sits looking directly to camera holding his rear left leg across the front of his body. The claws on his front paws are clearly visible as he does this.

A visitor review

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By Luca Ronconi Knowing her from the facebook page “Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba” and becoming interested in koalas and their conservation, I visited Katrina at the beginning of September. It has been a unique opportunity to understand better all the issues koalas and all wildlife are currently facing. She has been regenerating the habitat on… Read More »A visitor review

A long distance view of dark furred alpha male koala Jordan eating in the forest at Koala Gardens

Trees ain’t trees

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Regenerating native habitat is usually achieved using two basic methods, and they are not exclusive. A great result is often achieved by using both together. Planting saplings that either come from elsewhere or grown from seed on the property. Encouraging and nurturing natural regeneration. Koala Gardens now has 8 years of regeneration work to observe… Read More »Trees ain’t trees

Bullet male koala high in a eucalyptus tree. He is facing right and reaching out from the tree he is in to grasp a thin branch of another tree with a view to jumping across. Against a background of leaves and the sky, his features are not visible. He appears completely focused on his next move.

Leaves ain’t leaves

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The constant balancing act a koala is involved in while feeding, goes way beyond what can be seen. The koala analyses the leaves to ensure they contain enough water and not too much toxic eucalyptol. Eucalyptus leaves are very high in fibre, which means the koala’s stomach fills up quite quickly. If they were also… Read More »Leaves ain’t leaves

A head shot of Newman in a tree, surrounded by branches and leaves and looking over his right shoulder to camera The 5 digits on his right hand can be seen as he holds the tree. His large dark nose, white chin and fluffy ears are shown His eyes are open, he looks relaxed.

Chemically nosey

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Koalas are specialist folivores. This means they eat a diet consisting of leaves, and in this case they have a narrow range of leaves that they are able to eat. Some people say koalas are ‘fussy eaters’, but the reason for their particular choices of which tree, and then which leaves in the tree they… Read More »Chemically nosey