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Koala Stories

Juvenile male koala sitting in small branches of dark wet barked swamp mahogany with arms crossed in front of his chest. He has large ears and partly closed eyes.


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Elmo is the second joey of Koala Gardens favourite Ellie and a younger sibling to Eddie. Elmo is a strong, healthy joey and watching him emerge from the pouch and grow up has been a joy for us all. He is already a high climber, just like his mum. We hope that Elmo will live… Read More »Elmo


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Large, dark furred Onyx arrived at Koala Gardens in the last days of 2023. Due to her size we first thought her to be a boy. She was seen on four occasions and then returned in 2024. Onyx is particularly fond of the big mature brushbox trees in the rainforest area of Koala Gardens. Very… Read More »Onyx

Ellie as an adult laying sprawled on a large smooth barked red gum branch with her eyes half close and left hand holding on. her ears are huge


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Ellie Koala

Young male koala hope looks directly at the camera which is zoomed in to his face. He has very round button eyes and holds on the branch with his left hand. The background is beautiful bokeh in natural colours.


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Hope Koala

Left profile of Egwene as she shakes her head to remove water droplets high in a tree.


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Egwene koala

Eddie at 12 months old sitting apart from mum in a swamp mahogany with rough bark. His eyes are round and bright, his ears big and he has a big black nose with no pattern showing from this angle.


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Eddie Koala

Maxine with bright round eyes, erect ears and pale grey fur is holding a thin branch with both hands and looking to the right


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Maxine koala

Close up of Jordans face showing a large round head, smaller ears, small eyes and big roman nose.


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Jordan koala

Grace is on some thin horizontal branches holding on with all hands and feet as she ventures out for a feed of leaves at the end


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Grace koala