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We first saw Clinger at Koala Gardens in December 2014, when he was already a mature alpha male. He was the first koala to be identified definitively using nose pattern recognition. Such an easily recognised nose pattern too! By 2015 Clinger was the ruling alpha male over 25% of the property. He was a very important part of the colony and would have been contributing genetically to several generations of koalas in the area.

Clinger is shown from below as he sleeps in a eucalyptus tree. Against a background of leaves and blue sky his pale fur is a similar colour to that of the bark of the tree. He is sitting on a narrow branch, facing forward. His head is leaning to the right and is resting on the branch in front of him, giving the appearance of his peering out form behind it. His healthy pink chin can be seen, partially obscured buy a cluster of leaves. His nose pattern, whish resembles a heart shape is fully in view.
A full face close up of Clinger in a tree. He is holding a vertical branch with his left hand and his sharp claws can be seen digging into the smooth bark of the tree. He seems to be reaching to hold another vertical branch, not in the picture, with his right hand. His eyes are open as he looks to camera, his face is only slightly obscured, on the left side, by a small branch with a few leaves. His dark brown nose with its slightly heart shaped pink markings can be seen as can the white fur on his chin contrasting with his brownish grey coat. His white chest with its brown scent gland is prominent in the picture.

Clinger was widely popular on Facebook and quickly became the ‘face’ of Koala Gardens. He began to investigate the benefits of tasting the property’s young plantation trees and often feasted on them. In doing this, Clinger seemed to be breaking a lot of ‘rules’ and so he inspired intense interest in koala behaviour.

Clinger is on the ground in long grass, he is reaching up to grab some young plantation tress for a meal. The wire netting designed to protect the trees can be seen but was clearly no match for Clinger who has managed to grasp the leaves at the top of the sapling. Clinger is shown from the rear, his hands can be seen reaching up for the leaves. His eyes are open and he looks alert, concentrating on his task.

Although he was last seen on the property in November 2015 he seemed fit and healthy at the time. However,we have no way of telling what may have happened to him.

Clinger has lots of videos on YouTube  where he has his own playlist. (below) and he appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2015.

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Clinger is asleep in the fork of a pale grey, smooth barked eucalyptus. Against a background of leaves and facing left, he is curled up and turned slightly to camera, giving a side view of the left side of his face as he sleeps. The white mottling of his rump and lower back contrast with his pale brownish-grey fur.