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Dewdrop emerged from the pouch in early August, 2018 as the second female joey of Maxine (after Stella). After she first separated from Maxine in mid December she liked to be in the same or a neighbouring tree to Bullet.  

A close up of joey Dewdrop as she sits in mum Maxine’s lap. Maxine faces left, her left knee bent and left arm stretched out to accommodate Dewdrop. Maxine’s face is obscured by her joey. Joey Dewdrop is resting her head on mum’s outstretched arm, her eyes are closed, her healthy pink chin and fluffy ears are clearly visible. The similarity in the colour of their pale brownish-grey fur makes it difficult to distinguish their bodies as they huddle together.
Dewdrop sitting in Maxine’s lap

She quickly grew into a very strong koala, and was soon independent. At the end of 2018 she seen independently of Maxine on 10 days. In 2019 she was at Koala Gardens on 64 days,

Young Dewdrop is asleep in a eucalyptus tree, her pale fur contrasting with the background of green leaves. Facing right Dewdrop is holding onto a narrow branch with her rear paws, her front right paw is stretching to hold onto a branch in front of her and partially obscures her face as she looks down. Her eyes are closed.
Young female Dewdrop is sitting in a eucalyptus tree, her pale fur standing out against a background of branches, leaves a a clear blue sky. Her eyes are open and face is turned to camera, showcasing her fluffy ears and her young, alert face

She was last seen at Koala Gardens on 18 October,2019. Hopefully she found a place with plenty of food and strong males for her home.

Dewdrop has lots of videos on YouTube  where she has her own playlist. She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2018 and 2019.

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Young female Dewdrop is sitting in a eucalyptus tree, surrounded by leaves through which you can see glimpses of blue sky. Dewdrop has her head resting in the fork of the tree she is facing downwards as she sleeps, showing the top of her head, her dark nose and her fluffy ears. Her front paws are hanging in front of her with her fingers stretched out.