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Eddie is the first joey of Ellie and we watched him for months as a bulge in her pouch. He is so much like his mum and seems to have inherited her spectacular ears. It is wonderful seeing him develop into a strong and independent koala.

Eddie as a young male koala. Facing right he is sitting in the fork of a tree against a background of foliage. He is holding onto the vertical branch in front of him with all four paws. His face is shown in full view as he turns towards the camera. He is no longer a joey and has developed a fuller face with more mature features. His eyes are open and he looks relaxed. His large dark nose and his which chin contrast with his light grey fur.
A young Eddie is shown in a tree, holding onto a vertical branch, facing right. As he looks over his right shoulder to camera, his large fluffy ears can be seen. His eyes are open and young face looks alert. Immediately below him in the tree is mum Ellie, she is also facing right and sitting on a narrow horizontal branch with her right arm stretched out in front of her. Her eyes are slightly open but she does not appear focused as she looks straight ahead. She is not looking towards her joey.
Facing left Eddie is shown in close up sitting in a tree he can be seen holding the tree trunk in front of him with this front left paw. He has raised his rear left leg over his shoulder, possibly to scratch his right ear. Eddie is looking over his left shoulder to camera, showcasing his large, fluffy ears, his dark nose and his white chin. His eyes are closed.

By October, 2023, Eddie dispersed from Koala Gardens to find himself a home range. We thought that we may not see him again, so we were so happy when Katrina saw him on the property in December that year. As you can see from the picture below, he was in excellent condition, meaning that he is likely living successfully nearby. Let’s hope that he gets plenty of opportunities to pass on the genes for spectacular ears that he inherited from his mum, as it seems has Ellie’s subsequent joey Elmo

Facing left and surrounded by leaves and branches male koala Eddie is looking over his left shoulder to camera. He is holding onto a branch in front of him. His large fluffy ears are in full view. His eyes are open and he looks relaxed
Eddie all grown up in December 2023

He has lots of videos (with and without his mum) on You Tube and even has his own playlist (below) full of joey cuteness. Eddie and his mum both appear in Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022 and 2023

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Shown against a background of leaves and facing left, Ellie is sitting in a tree with her 2022 joey Eddie on her back. Ellie is holding onto a branch is front of her and is looking forward. Eddie has his head turned to camera and the right side of his face is pressed up against Ellie left ear. Both Ellie and Eddie have pale grey fur, the white fur of Eddie is also shown.
Ellie and joey Eddie