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Egwene arrived at Koala Gardens in early 2023 and Katrina named her after a character in the books (and now TV series) Wheel of Time. Madeleine Madden, a Bundjalung actor plays Egwene al’Vere in the Prime Video series Wheel of Time.. Koala Gardens in situated on Bundjalung Country.

Close up of her face as she hugs tight to a rough barked tree. she has huge ears and dark fur.
Egwene is sitting in the fork of a rough barked tree. She is facing right and her right rear paw can be seen resting on the angled vertical branch in front of her, the sharp claws on her rear right paw are gripping the bark. Her right arm is resting on her right leg. Her face is turned to camera showcasing the length of fur on her large fluffy ears and her large dark nose, which contrasts with her mid brownish-grey coat. Her eyes are only slightly open. She looks relaxed.

Katrina has loved this book series for many years. It is exciting to see the story adapted for the visual medium. Then to see a Bundjalung woman given one of the lead roles brought that excitement to a huge level. Katrina’s daughter, Liza, who is also as big a fan of the books asked – can we name the next female koala Egwene to honour Madeleine? And so we now have our very own Egwene that is love the world around. Madeleine was delighted with this when we told her through Twitter!

Egwene is in a tree, a close up of her face is shown looking over a branch on the left of the image. She is shown against a background of leaves. Her right ear is partially obscured by the branch , but her left ear is shown against the light filtering through the leaves clearly showing the long fur extending beyond the ear structure itself, in this light the fur on this ear looks much lighter than her its real colour of mid brownish-grey. Egwene’s dark nose and white chin can be seen as she looks down. Her eyes are open but she looks relaxed rather than alert.

Egwene is gorgeous and likes to use the Angophora trees that used to be a favourite of former colony matriarch Mist.  

Let’s hope for a “Wheel of Time” joey in 2003. Maybe it will be a girl and we could name her Joiya! (if you know, you know)

Egwene has lots of videos on YouTube  where she  has her own playlist. (below). She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2023

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Facing left, Egwene is holding onto a tree trunk located to the left of the photograph. The claws on her left hind and front leg are digging into the bark as she holds on. She also looks to partially perched on a narrow branch which is partially in view behind her. Twigs are obscuring some of her face as she looks over her left shoulder to camera. Only her left ear is visible. Her eyes are closed.