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Elmo is the second joey of Koala Gardens favourite Ellie and a younger sibling to Eddie. Elmo is a strong, healthy joey and watching him emerge from the pouch and grow up has been a joy for us all. He is already a high climber, just like his mum.

Elmo is holding on to mum Ellie's back ad they sit in the fork of a tree. Ellie's features are obscured by a branch. Elmo is looking over his right shoulder, his eyes are open and his young face looks alert
Joey Elmo holding onto mum Ellie
Young male joey Elmo is in a tree surrounded by leaves and facing to camera. His eyes are open and his young face is alert
Elmo and mum Ellie sitting separately in a tree. On the right, Ellie is facing away from camera. On the left Elmo is facing his mum and turning to look over his right shoulder to camera.
Ellie and joey Elmo

We hope that Elmo will live a long and healthy life. Maybe he will even stay around, but it is likely that he will disperse later in his life as this is critical for genetic diversity within the koala population.

Elmo has his own playlist on YouTube (below).

Join the Colony and get involved

You can become part of the Koala Gardens Colony by adopting Elmo, his mum Ellie or one of the other resident wild koalas. You can also become a Patron,  and one level has an adoption option.

Come and discuss Koala Gardens and all things koala on Discord where we hold lots of interesting and often in-depth discussions there. Lots of fun!

You will become part of the family and help  provide much needed koala habitat.

You can also follow Katrina and the Koalas on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Koala Gardens publishes a small number of delightful illustrated children’s books in the The Adventures of Mist series. Check out the beautifully engaging and educational design.  Our mission is to help children to “Fall in love with Nature”.

You can even find some great Koala Gardens gifts over at Redbubble where there is huge range of designs on an even bigger range of items.

Alternatively, you can find quick access links to everything Koala Gardens via Link Tree.

Joey Elmo laying back relaxing in a tree . His features are partially visible as he looks over his left leg. The structure and black pad of his left foot are prominent in the photo.

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