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Enigma is the son of Mist and, initially, his father was thought to be Zorro. However,  Enigma’s dark colouring suggested that his father was most likely to be Jordan. He received his name as it took nearly a week of daily sighting and photographing him to be sure if he was male or female.     

Enigma eating a leaf A close up of Enigma’s face in left profile. He is holding onto a vertical branch if front of him He has the tip of a leaf in his mouth. His eyes are open as he selects his food.
Enigma is in a young Tallowwood tree surrounded by leaves. He is holding onto a vertical branch,, but his paws are obscured by leaves. He is looking to the left, his eyes are open and he looks alert. His dark nose can be seen as can his white chin, which stands out against his dark grey fur.

Enigma emerged from the pouch in late April 2017 when Mist was on the property. This meant that we saw some lovely early life moments for Enigma. After a couple of months Mist left as her home range extended beyond the boundaries of Koala Gardens.

In mid September 2017 Mist showed up on the south east corner of the property. She seemed to be alone and the next day she was gone, but there in some young trees was Enigma on his own.  Matriarch Mist had brought Enigma back to the property and left him to make his own home range in a place she felt was suitable for him.

Young male koala Enigma is seen on a narrow branch against a background of leaves. He is facing left, resting his rump against the tree trunk behind him. His rear legs are dangling, his body is stretched along the branch. He is reaching forward to hold the branch with his arms, his face is turned to the camera, His dark nose and white chin are seen as he looks down. His eyes are open. His fluffy grey coat is taking on a golden hue from the light shining through the leaves.

Enigma was the first joey conceived, born and emerged from the pouch, at Koala Gardens, that remained on the property. However, as he began to mature a little, and males were beginning to feel the breeding season would start, he was probably pressured to move on. After he left, he was occasionally been seen on the property. This was just a day here or there, so he possibly made a home range quite close by. Let’s hope he fathered lots of joeys and passed on those Koala Gardens genes.

Facing right, Enigma looks to be sitting in the fork of a tree, although this is partially obscured by the leaves surrounding him. He is also holding onto a branch if front of his with his arms. Enigma’s face is turned slightly to camera, his dark grey fur stands out against the vibrant green of the foliage. He is looking down, his eyes are open, he looks relaxed.
Facing right, Enigma is holding onto an almost vertical branch with all four paws. He is looking over his right shoulder to camera. His eyes are open as he looks down. His face full face is in view, the white fur of his chin and the tufts of white fur on his ears stand out against his dark grey coat.

Enigma has lots of videos on YouTube where he has his own playlist( below) and he appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for  2017 and 2018.

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Enigma asleep A close up of Enigma as he sleeps curled up in a tree. All four paws are holding onto the semi-vertical branch which he is resting the left side of his face on. His eyes are closed.