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Frankie emerged from mum Stevies pouch in July 2018 and for a long time was hard to see closely as Stevie liked to stay very high in the treetops. Frankie with his round face and dark colouring was likely the son of Jordan. He was a very calm natured koala.

Male koala Frankie curled up in the fork of a tree sleeping. He is facing left surrounded by branches but few leaves. His face is turned towards the camera, his eyes are closed and his dark nose contrasts against his pale fur. His left foot can be seen against the tree trunk.
Surrounded by leaves and facing left, Stevie is sitting in a tree holding joey Frankie. Frankie is facing his mun with his head resting on her left arm, showing his little joey face in right profile, his eyers are closed. Stevie is awake and she is looking at her joey as he sleeps.
Joey Frankie sleeping in mum Stevie’s lap

At the end of November,2018, Frankie separated from his mum. He was seen alone 26 times. After becoming independent he spent much of his time in trees right beside his mums favourite area. If Stevie returned to her favourite red gums Frankie would climb the same tree and try to remain too close for comfort. Stevie would take off again usually leaving Frankie behind.

Facing right and surrounded by branches and leaves, Frankie is holding onto an almost vertical branch with all four paws. He is looking over his right shoulder to camera. His face is in full view with only a single leaf in front of his right ear. His eyes are open and he looks alert.
Frankie is in a tree with his back to camera, surrounded by leaves. He is looking over his left shoulder to camera. He is in shade, which emphasizes the dark colour of his fur. His eyes are open.
Against a background of blue sky and green leaves, young Frankie has draped himself over a branch, his rump is against a vertical stem he is lying on a branch which is at an approximate 435 degree angle to it. His back legs are dangling down, he is hugging the branch with his arms. Hisis looking over his right shoulder. His face is in shadow and his features are not clear.

Frankie left Koala Gardens in August,2019, around the same time that Summer and Krissy left.

Frankie has lots of videos on YouTube  where he has his own playlist (below) and appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2018 and 2019.

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Shown in profile facing left, Frankie is curled up asleep in the fork of a rough-barked tree. He has his head resting on his front paws and his eyes are closed. The light filtering through the tree is highlighting the brown tones in his dark grey fur.