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Grace is the third generation of her lineage  born at Koala Gardens. She is the second (after Luna)  joey of Phoenix and the granddaughter of Racee. Grace already shows signs of growing to be a big strong girl like her mum. It is thought that her father may possible be former colony male Bullet.

Facing right, Grace is walking along a tree branch against a background of green leaves and a pale sky.  Grace’s rear paws and her left front paw are holding onto the branch. Her front right paw is raised as if caught in motion, showing her sharp claws. Grace’s eyes are open and she looks focused. Her face is shown in left profile, showcasing her fluffy ears and also her dark nose, which contrasts with her mid-grey fur.
Against a background of branches and foliage, Grace is sitting in mum Phoenix’s lap. Phoenix is holding onto a vertical branch which is obscuring her face as she looks forward. Grace is peering round the branch, her face appearing to rest on Phoenix’s left leg as she peers out from under Phoenix’s arm. Grace’s eyes are open and her young joey face looks alert.

In August, 2023, Grace was crossing a property just 1.6 km away from Koala Gardens when five cattle dogs attacked her, causing serious injuries, including punctures to her chest and lungs. These are usually fatal for koalas. Fortunately the property owner called koala rescue. She spent a long time in hospital recovering. We are all so grateful that Grace pulled through and was able to return home to Koala Gardens.

To celebrate Grace’s return to Koala Gardens, Katrina made a video of the story of her misadventure (below)

Grace has lots of videos, on YouTube, including videos with her family. She has her own YouTube playlist (below) She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022 and 2023

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Shown in the fork of a tree on the right of the photo and against a background of leaves, Grace is asleep. Facing to camera, her head and rear left leg are wedged between the branches comprising the fork. Her front left arm is wrapped round the left hand stem to rest on her left knee. The structure of the five digits on this hand, with its two opposing thumbs and sharp claws cane be seen. Her eyes are closed.