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We all need hope! Hope is the 2022 joey of Pearl and has a delightful face and personality. He has a very calm disposition, like his mum. Because we need hope in this world, it is a delight to have a koala with this name.

Facing right and away from the camera, Pearl is surrounded by leaves as she sits on the horizontal tree branch, reaching out to the leaves in front of her with her left front paw. Joey Hope looks to be returning to mum’s back. Hope is shown with his back to camera, his left paws holding onto a branch to his left and stretching across to Pearl, with both right paws holding onto her back. Their faces are not in view, but their thick mid-grey fur can be seen.
In a tree and surrounded by leaves, joey Hope and mum Pearl are shown in right profile as Hope holds onto Pearl’s back. Pearl’s features are obscured by leaves as she eats. Hope’s eyes are open and he  has a small leaf in his mouth.
Pearl is feeding whilst sitting on a horizontal branch in a tree, surrounded by leaves. Pearl’s is holding onto the leaves she is eating with her right front paw.  Joey Hope is on mum’s back and he is stretching forward get closer to the leaves Pearl is eating. His right front paw is on his mum’s outstretched arm. His eyes are open and he looks very focused on Pearl’s meal.

It has been a wonderful experience watching Hope grow from the day he first came out of Pearl’s pouch. There are lots of really fun videos of him scampering about in the trees, learning how to feed himself.

Hope is sitting in a tree on a narrow branch. His rump is closest to camera, showcasing the dappled white fur in that area. His right leg appears to be dangling from the branch. He is holding the branch with his other paws whilst twisting to peer out from under the branch he is sitting on. His features are obscured by leaves and branches.
Joey Hope in a tree surrounded by leaves. Facing right he is awake and alert. His face and open mouth are shown in right profile
Hope is sitting in the fork of a eucalyptus tree. His head is resting in a “V” between the branches. He is holding on to the smooth branch in front of him with all four paws. The structure of his front paws with their double thumbs and sharp claws can be seen. His eyes are closed as he rests.

Hope and his mum have lots of video on You Tube and he even has his his own playlist (below), full of joey cuteness. He appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022 and 2023

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You can become part of the Koala Gardens Colony by adopting Hope, or one of the other resident wild koalas. You can also become a Patron, and one level has an adoption option.

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A close up of Hope’s face as he sits in a tree surrounded by leaves. He is looking over his right shoulder to the left. His eyes are open, but his face is partially obscured by leaves.
Against a background of leaves and sky, young male joey Hope is sitting in a eucalyptus tree. He is facing left and looking over his left shoulder his left arm is resting on his left leg. His eyes are open and young joey face is alert.