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 In  2015, Jordan was the alpha male ruling over 65% of Koala Gardens. He was a mature alpha but possibly had only just come into maturity he had very dark fur (which is not uncommon in the Tuckurimba area) and nearly full nose pigmentation. At 8.5kg Jordan was a large, very strong koala. We think that Jordan may be the son of Greta.

In 2016 Jordan continued to rule as alpha over a large section of the property, often moving quite large distances during the daytime. Being an alpha is hard work for a koala. Jordan held his role as alpha male in 2017 and 2018. By this time he had matured even more and his scent gland increased with the new breeding season, demonstrating his high status to all.

Camera angled looking up at Jordan horizontal branch a forest red gum tree. He looks over his right shoulder towards the camera. The white markings on his rump are extra obvious.
Close detail of Jordans face. His eyes are partially closed and he looks relaxed.
Jordan sitting in the fork of a eucalyptus tree His back legs dangle over the front of the horizontal branch which he is also holding with his left arm. He is looking down from this position. The scent gland on his chest is is large and spreads right down over his belly.

In 2019, whilst there were  quite a lot of males on the property during the year, the number of sightings of Jordan remained quite stable. He held his place as alpha male. In 2020 Jordan spent 27 days at Koala Gardens before, tragically, despite every effort being made to save him. he was lost to a blood parasite.

A close up of alpha male Jordan in a swamp mahogany tree. Facing right, he is looking over his right shoulder to camera. He has a mouth full of leaves. His eyes are open and he looks alert.

Jordan left an incredible legacy. He is likely the father of Legion, Enigma, and Frankie and no doubt many other joeys too.

Jordan has lots of videos on YouTube  where he has his own playlist. (below).He appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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The blue light of an early cloudy morning gives a beautiful hue to the dark colouring of Jordan in mature red gum tree. Against a background of leaves he is holding onto a vertical branch with all four paws, looking over his left shoulder to camera. His large, round face can be seen. He looks alert