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Karla was born at Koala gardens in 2017 as the first joey of Racee. Then colony alpha male Zorro is likely to be her father.

Young, pale grey koala Karla is lying along a horizontal branch, surrounded by leaves. Facing right, she can be seen holding onto the branch with her rear right foot, with her right hand she is reaching for a leaf. Her eyes are open and she looks alert. Her mouth is partly open as if in anticipation of eating her next leaf.
Surrounded by leaves and branches, Racee is sitting in a tree with her joey Karla in her lap. Racee is facing right and can be seen reaching up with her right arm to hold on to a branch. Her face is obscured by the tree. Joey Karla is sitting cuddled up to Racee and can be seen holding on to her mum with her left arm and leg. Karla’s features cannot be seen.
Racee holding Karla as a joey
Young, pale grey koala Karla is sitting on a horizontal branch surrounded by leaves. . Facing right, she can be seen holding onto the branch with her rear right foot, with her right hand she is reaching for a leaf. She has the tip of one of the leaves in her mouth. Her eyes are open ans she look sfocussed on her task.

Karla separated from Racee and became independent in late November 2017, when Racee took her away from Koala Gardens and left her,. This is a common thing for koala mums to do. Then in April 2018 Karla briefly returned to an area of the property favoured by her mother. She had grown by at least 1-2 kg, and was looking like a terrifically strong juvenile koala.. Hopefully she found a good home range, with great food trees and has been successful in raising joeys of her own.

A young Karla is sitting in a fork in a smooth barked tree. Her right foot is holding onto the right hand branch of the fork, her right hand is resting on her right leg. She is looking over her leg to camera. Her dark nose and dark, bright eyes stand out against her pale grey fur, her large fluffy ears are in full view.  She looks very alert.

There is some great video of  Karla and her mum Racee on YouTube. She is seen below as she becomes independent of her mum. She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2017 and 2018.

Karla is part of a Koala Gardens dynasty . Her  mother Racee had two other joeys at Koala Gardens, Phoenix in 2018 and Smokey in 2019. Phoenix has, in turn,  introduced us to Luna, born in 2021 and Grace born in 2022.

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Against a background of leaves and blue sky, pale grey koala Karla is sitting in a tree with her back to camera. She is  looking over her left shoulder, giving a partial view of her face.