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Every koala identified at Koala Gardens

I go out on my quad bike every day and ride around the whole property looking for koalas. Did you know you can tell koalas apart by looking at the different nose patterns? This has been a fantastic way for me to collect valuable information about so many movements of koalas over time.

The collection officially started on January 1, 2015. 

I put all of this into a database and then I can report in lots of ways. The major categories I look at this are: number of days koalas are sighted, the number of sightings on any particular day and the number of individual adult koalas and any back young that may be with females.

Koala Gardens is situated in a natural koala corridor and this means that it is normal for a number of koalas to travel through the property.

In each year below, koalas will be listed in order by the largest number of days on the property through to the least. Check out who was here each year, with a photo and story about each koala.

Google map view of Koala Gardens with labels from 1-19 dividing the property into areas that are used to map movements of koalas.
There are also labels to show the plantation for hospital food, kindy and names for some areas.