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Koala My World: A Poem by Sharon Rigby

WINNER of the Koala Gardens 2024 Wild Koala Day Poetry Competition

Koala My World

Facing right, young male koala Wattle is sitting in a eucalyptus tree, holding on to the tree trunk in front of him. The structure of his right front paw, with its two opposing digits is prominent in the image. Wattle is turning his head towards camera and resting it against the tree trunk and his right arm. His young face is visible as he looks down. His eyes are partially open as he rests.

In the heart of Tuckurimba’s embrace,
Where eucalyptus whispers weave their grace,
Lies Koala Gardens, a haven so serene,
A refuge for koalas, wild and free, unseen.

Big alpha looking male koala sitting in a tree. There is a diagonal branch blocking some of the view of his face but he has a thick neck, dense fur and strong limbs.

Katrina, the founder with eyes that gleam,
Her spirit dances with each sun-kissed beam,
She whispers to the leaves, “Koala my World.”
A promise to protect as each shoot uncurls.

Close up of koala face looking slightly up and to the left. She is holding onto a thin branch with her right hand.

Mist, the koala, leads her merry band,
Through gum-scented forests, hand in hand,
Their adventures etched in pages, tales unfold,
In a book that captures hearts, both young and old.

Facing left, Orion is sitting on a branch and holding on to a vertical branch in front of him with all four paws. Against a background of leaves, his head is turned to look over his left shoulder and he is looking down. His full face can be seen as can his fluffy ears His eyes are open and he looks alert.

Koalas, like dreams, cling to ancient trees,
Their fur soft as moonlight, their gaze at ease,
And as Mother Nature weaves her magic spell,
The gum tree habitat rewilds, where shadows dwell.

Facing left with her head turned to camera, Pearl is holding onto a vertical tree stem with both front paws and her rear left paw. Her rear right paw is held away from the tree, the dark footpad and her long grooming claw can be seen. Pearl’s eyes are closed. Her large fluffy ears and large dark nose are shown in full view

Koality leaves sway, a symphony of green,
As private landowners join the unseen,
Regenerating hope, one tree at a time,
For every leaf rustles a promise, sublime.

Shown in the fork of a tree on the right of the photo and against a background of leaves, Grace is asleep. Facing to camera, her head and rear left leg are wedged between the branches comprising the fork. Her front left arm is wrapped round the left hand stem to rest on her left knee. The structure of the five digits on this hand, with its two opposing thumbs and sharp claws cane be seen. Her eyes are closed.

So let us honor these koala souls,
Their silhouettes against the sunset’s gold,
For in protecting koalas, we find our power,
And every tree we plant becomes a flower.

Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba is a place of wonder, where the magic of nature and human dedication intertwine. Katrina’s passion echoes through the leaves, and Mist’s adventures inspire us all.

Facing left and surrounded by leaves, Mist is sitting in a tree on a horizonal branch . Her features , shown in left profile, are partially obscured by leaves. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed.
A close up of Mist facing left and holding on to the tree trunk in front of her with her left hand. Joey Krissy is between Mist and the tree and looking over his Mum’s left arm. His young joey face is visible from the nose upwards and is partially obscuring Mist’s face which is also only visible from this level. The shading and texture of their thick, grey fur is shown and contrasts with their dark noses and bright dark eyes.
Mist with her last joey, Krissy
Surrounded by branches, Mist is in a tree, holding on to a branch to her right with her right hand and scratching under her chin with her right foot. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed.

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