Koala Awareness Challenge

This challenge tree will have several branches and you can enter as many as you like.

The idea of this challenge is to raise awareness of koalas in a fun way and share with us so I can round the month out with a great showcase of talents.

Branch ONE

  • Bake koala themed goods and make some noise with them by filming them in action
    • Take them to work
    • Send them to school
    • If you can gather hold a high tea party
    • If under a lockdown hold a pretend party alone, use blank chairs, books or toys as your audience. Of course you may also do this with the people you live with

Branch TWO

  • Koala artwork challenge
    • Create some koala themed artwork of your own for the challenge
    • Edit a photo I supply and post back to the challenge
    • Dress up as a koala and photograph or video

Branch THREE

  • Australian branch
    • Photos or video of out planting trees
    • Weeding, maintaining habitat
    • Spotting koalas
    • Volunteering

Here are the RULES

  1. You must conduct your challenge in a Covid-safe way, according to any health restrictions where you live.
  2. You are as welcome to use photography or video, whatever you are most comfortable with producing and uploading.
  3. You can enter as many branches as many times as you like – the more the merrier!
  4. You do not have to produce anything professional, just have fun and raise some awareness – the prompts in the branches above are to stimulate creativity, not limit what you might think of doing!
  5. Please do not include any music in videos unless you play instruments and sing yourself, as it could cause copyright issues on YouTube
  6. You must submit your entry in any one of the following ways:
    • DM me on Facebook or Instagram and I will supply email address
    • Upload in a reply to the competition post on Facebook or Instagram
    • Supply the name you wish to be recognized as every entry will become part of a showcase video I post on YouTube.  Every entry is a winner, this is a challenge, not a competition.
  7. DEADLINE for entries is September 22, 2021

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