A big WIN for Sydney Koalas


The Upper House have supported the motion by Cate Faehrmann calling on the Government to halt all rezoning and development at Gilead in SW Sydney until underpasses and corridors meet the Chief Scientists recommendations for koalas.

Every Koala Counts and a WIN is worth Celebrating

Read more and watch the motion being put forward HERE


Koala Corridors at Mt Gilead.

The failure to address the connectivity of the corridors for the koalas in Stage 1 of the Mt Gilead is an unacceptable departure from the recommendation of the Chief Scientist.

This, and the failure to undertake a Species Impact Statement between 2006 and 2016 before the law was changed, is not acceptable.

It is incongruous that the State Labor Party is willing to make a koala sanctuary in the Campbelltown region, and the Local Council, chaired by the Mayor, a member of the Labor Party is at odds with the State Party’s  intentions.

The corridors are essential for the survival of the koalas, as evidenced by the extinction of the koalas in Avalon on the Northern Beaches.  It bodes ill for koalas when the authorities in charge of the development ignore the recommendations of the Chief Scientist.

History will record your actions, and if you do not address the connectivity of the corridors to the needs of our disease free koalas. We just won’t have them anymore. NO and, ifs or buts.

Which side of history does this State Government,, which is aware of the Global opposition to this development, want to come down on?

Will you be the people who destroy the last Chlamydia free colony in NSW?


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