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Krissy was the last joey of colony matriarch Mist . He emerged from the pouch on June 13, 2018 and separated from his mum at Koala gardens in November.

He continued to do well,, then, quite suddenly, over a period of 2 days, he developed chlamydial conjunctivitis in his right eye. Fortunately it was possible to catch him early enough for his treatment to be immediately successful. After 5 weeks, he was released again at Koala Gardens to be a wild and free koala.

Krissy was one strong little koala, spending 23 days independently on the property after release. In August, 2019, it was time for him, as a juvenile male, to disperse and look for his own place to settle. We last saw him on the 24th. Hopefully Krissy found a good home with plenty of food and was able to breed those bloodlines into future koala generations.

8 months old joey Krissy in his mother Mist's lap as they sit in a tree. Mist's face is obscured by Krissy whose face is partially obscured as he peers over his mother's arm.
Mist and Krissy
Krissy is shown in full face close up. His eyes are open, his large fluffy ears are prominent.

Krissy has his own You Tube playlist (below) and appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2018 and 2019.

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Young male koala Krissy is sitting in a tree, holding on to a narrow vertical branch which forks into two. Krissy has his head between the forks as he holds on with his hands. His eyes are closed His back legs are dangling. The fluffy pale grey fur on his tummy and the white fur on the underside of his arms are visible.