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On the first day of March, 2016, a young Legion wandered on to the property. and no one would have guessed at the time that he would become such an important part of the colony! He was thought to be a son of, or closely related to Jordan because of his facial shape and colouring. In 2016 and in 2017 he only spent time on the property during only some months of the year.

Legion is sitting in the fork of a rough-barked eucalyptus tree. Facing left, he is holding onto the branch in front of him and yawning.
Legion is sitting in a red-barked tree. Shown against a background of leaves and branches, he is holding on to a branch in front of him. His head is turned to show his face in right profile. His eyes are open and he looks alert.
Sitting in the fork of a rough- barked tree and facing right, Legion is shown in right profile scratching his chin with his right rear paw. His right arm is resting against his side. His eyes appear to be open, but his features are not in view.

Legion mated with Maxine and the resulting in her 2017 joey Stella. Maxine was young at the time of mating, and that older males like Jordan and Zorro may have considered her too young and left her alone. So Legion took his chance. He was really only a teenager himself, and a mature and experienced female would likely have told him to back off.

 Legion is also the likely father of Maxine’s 2018 joey Dewdrop.

Legion in 2017 in a tree, holding on with his feet and right arm. He turns to camera as he stretches out his left arm to reach out for a leaf.
Legion in a 2018 close up of his face as he eats a eucalyptus leaf. His eyes are open and alert.

By 2018, he had developed a pattern of leaving the property for the Autumn and Winter,. When he returned for the breeding season, late spring or early summer, he stayed as close as possible to Maxine. However, he did  not return during the 2018 Summer breeding season. Instead, Bullet was seen frequenting the same area and following Maxine.

Hopefully, Legion made a permanent home range nearby.

Legion has lots of videos on YouTube  where he  has his own playlist. (below). He appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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Legion in 2016 sitting in a tree, on a horizontal branch facing left. His face is turned to camera. His eyes are open. His back right foot rests on the branch, his right arm hangs free.