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Maxine first arrived at Koala Gardens on November 5, 2016. It is likely that she had recently separated from her mum. She was then seen every day until the year ended, not leaving the property even once. This is quite unusual!

Supporters of Koala Gardens quickly nicknamed Maxine “The Divine Miss M” and “Princess” because she seemed to be about as pretty as it is possible for a koala to be. Many thought that there was a resemblance between Maxine and Bmax, but we don’t know if they are related.

A close up photo of Maxine, surrounded by leaves and facing left with her head turned to camera, she is holding a leaf in her right front paw which she may be about to eat. Her eyes are open and she looks alert.

 In 2017 Maxine was on the property for a whopping 233 days. and mated with Legion on January 1st. Maxine subsequently produced a nearly carbon copy female joey named Stella. In 2018 Maxine produced another female joey named Dewdrop. Legion is, again very probably the father – he was certainly hanging around with her at the right time.

Maxine sits curled up asleep on a horizontal branch. She is facing left. The small face of her very young 2017 joey can be seen poking out between her body and her left forearm.
Maxine with joey Stella
Against a background of leaves , female koala Maxine is facing forward and holding on to a branch with all four paws. Her eyes are open and she looks alert.
Maxine curled up and asleep in the fork of eucalyptus tree , facing left, with the face of her sleeping 2018 joey poking out from under her left leg.
Maxine with joey Dewdrop

In 2019 Maxine produced a beautiful male joey named Max, before moving off the property in early August around the time the youngsters were dispersing. Sadly, this was before Katrina could get a photo of Max. Hopefully both thrived and found a home range nearby to live wild and free.

Maxine has lots of videos on YouTube  where she  has her own playlist (below)., including video of her with her joeys  She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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Maxine koala is resting in the fork of a tree, facing right she is leaning on the branch behind her with her feet resting on the tree trunk in front of her. Her right arm rests by her side as she looks over her right shoulder to camera. Her eyes are open and she looks alert.