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Mist  lived at Koala Gardens for a long time – by 2015 she was the matriarch of the colony and an important influence on the colony’s genetics and stability. She was one of the earliest koalas seen on the property, as early as 2012. Mist became well known for her calm nature and beautiful facial expressions.

MIST is the star of the children’s books “The Adventures of Mist” and lives on in our hearts forever as she helps children to fall in love with nature.

A close up of female koala Mist facing right, holding on to a branch with her left front paw and reaching for a leaf with her right. She is alert and focussed on her chosen leaf.
A full face close up of Mist from 2018. She looks over her left shoulder to camera. Her nose pattern is clearly visible as are her large, fluffy ears. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed

Matriarch Mist

By 2015 Mist clearly had a well established home range extending beyond Koala Gardens. Mist produced a healthy joey in 2015, leaving the property a few weeks after her joey emerged. She did not return for 7 months..

In 2016 colony matriarch Mist spent129 days at Koala Gardens. She may have had a joey in pouch, but she left the property before this could be confirmed. She returned couple of months later but did not have a joey with her.

Facing left and against a background of leaves Mist is sitting curled up in the fork of a tree . Her eyes are open and she looks alert. Her left arm is resting on her left knee and her paw is stretched open showing her sharp claws.
Facing forward and against a background of leaves, Mist is holding on to a branch in front of her which is partially obscuring the left side of her face. Her eyes are open and she looks alert.
Surrounded by branches, Mist is in a tree, holding on to a branch to her right with her right hand and scratching under her chin with her  right foot. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed.

In 2017 Mist produced a male joey subsequently named Enigma. At first Zorro was thought to be the father. However, as Enigma grew into a sub-adult it became increasingly likely, based on his dark colouring, that his father was Jordan. Mist left the property with Enigma on her back at the end of May. She reappeared mid September and deposited him in the area of the property subsequently named Enigma’s playground. (NB named areas change over the years)

Facing left, Mist is sitting in the fork of a tree holding on to the tree trunk in front of her with all four paws. Her face is looking over her left shoulder to camera, but is partially obscured by her arm as she stretches up to hold the tree. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed
Facing left, Mist is curled up in the fork of a tree, holding her legs close to her chest with her arms Her eyes are slightly open, her face is partially obscured by her left arm.

One possible reason she was spending less time at Koala Gardens was that there were 3 young females on the property, 2 of whom had joeys in pouch. The most likely reason, however, is that she had brought Enigma back and left him to become independent and developing the skills he needed to without her around.

Krissy, Mist’s last joey, was born around Nov 2017 and he emerged from her pouch in late June 2018. They separated in late October.

A close up of Mist facing left and holding on to the tree trunk in front of her with her left hand. Joey Krissy is between Mist and the tree and looking over his Mum’s left arm. His young joey face is visible from the nose upwards and is partially obscuring Mist’s face which is also only visible from this level. The shading and texture of their thick, grey fur is shown and contrasts with their dark noses and bright dark eyes.
Mist with her last joey, Krissy

Mist was taken by chlamydia, as are so many koalas, in December, 2018.  She was a very important matriarch of the colony and has produced at least 6 known offspring (but very likely produced more). She certainly made her 12 years of wild koala life count.

Mist is the star of the children’s books The Adventures of Mist, published by Koala Gardens (below)

Mist has lots of videos on YouTube where she has her own playlist. (below). She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2015, 2016, 2017 and  2018.

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Koala Gardens publishes a small number of delightful illustrated children’s books in the The Adventures of Mist series. Check out the beautifully engaging and educational design.  Our mission is to help children to “Fall in love with Nature”.

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Facing left and surrounded by leaves,  Mist is sitting in a tree on  a horizonal branch . Her features , shown in left profile, are partially obscured by leaves. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed.