Welcome to the official blog for the exciting biodiversity project happening at Koala Gardens during 2017 – 2020.


Project MAP

GPS was used to accurately track the location of each nesting box on the property,  and provide an identification number to each box for reference throughout the project.


Squirrel glider boxes were placed on site December 10, 2017.

Little lorikeet boxes were placed on site December 17, 2017.


Koala Gardens is a privately owned property that is dedicated to the regeneration of native habitat.  The original focus is on koala habitat, and began in 2010.  Now that excellent koala habitat has been established the focus is moving to biodiversity for a robust ecosystem.


2018/19 update

There have been several major activities during the past 12 months: Maintenance of swamp mahogany trees planted in 2018 Revegetation of targeted areas in zone 3 Eradication of weed issue and removal of area of unsafe fencing, providing a wildlife-friendly way to move on and off property Maintenance and checking of nesting boxes 22 nesting …

Routine observation on a box

During routine daily data collection across the property this squirrel glider nesting box (box no. 008) was observed to have cobwebs covering the opening. The cobweb pattern has not changed over several months, so I am presuming there is zero activity in this box which will be confirmed when boxes are checked in June 2018


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