Squirrel glider box installation

Installation of the boxes was done over 2 days with the squirrel glider boxes going in first on December 10, 2017.

Because squirrel gliders live in social groups, boxes are best placed out in groups of three.  A dozen boxes have been placed out providing for 4 possible social groups. Not all of the boxes will necessarily be used and it is common for gliders to switch boxes from year to year possibly to deal with parasites.

Check the project map to see how the boxes are placed property-wide and the video below to see each group of boxes.

Group one – in rainforest remnant. (boxes 001, 002, 003)

Group two – in rainforest remnant. (boxes 004, 005, 006)

Group three – at southern end of bloodwood gully. (boxes 007, 008, 009)

Group four – at northern end of bloodwood gully.  (boxes 010, 011, 012)

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