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Large, dark furred Onyx arrived at Koala Gardens in the last days of 2023. Due to her size we first thought her to be a boy. She was seen on four occasions and then returned in 2024.

Onyx is particularly fond of the big mature brushbox trees in the rainforest area of Koala Gardens. Very different to the trees you usually see koalas in on the property, but it is a eucalypt and a secondary koala food tree.

Large, dark furred female koala Onyx is sitting in a fork in a tree , facing right and looking over her left shoulder to camera. her eyes are open and she looks alert

We all hope that Onyx will spend a lot more time at Koala Gardens and have our fingers crossed that she will introduce us to another Koala Gardens’ joey.

We got some fantastic news about Onyx in April 2024 – did you hear it?

Onyx appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2023

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Koala Gardens publishes a small number of delightful illustrated children’s books in the The Adventures of Mist series. Check out the beautifully engaging and educational design.  Our mission is to help children to “Fall in love with Nature”.

You can even find some great Koala Gardens gifts over at Redbubble where there is huge range of designs on an even bigger range of items.

Alternatively, you can find quick access links to everything Koala Gardens via Link Tree.

Very big female koala sitting in the fork of a tree looking rather like a child kicking their legs on a swing. You can clearly see the thumbs on her feet.

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