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Katrina calls Orion the magic koala as he arrived at Koala Gardens the very day in August, 2022 that we lost Bullet. At such a sad time, suddenly, there he was in Bullet’s favourite trees outside the kitchen window. Hope for the future and a lovely distraction. We daw him 36 times before the end of the year.

His colouring is a lot like that of Jordan He has a lovely round head and big ears. There is not much scent gland yet. He was likely around 3 years old on arrival.

A close up of Orion’s face as he looks to camera. His eyes are open and he looks alert. The ear tag from his stay in hospital is visible in his left ear

After he initially made himself at home at Koala Gardens, we started to see him less. The loss in 2022 of both Bullet and alpha male Hugo inevitably caused be a period of change for the males of Koala Gardens. For example mature male Valentine started to make his his presence felt and young male Wattle arrived, also looking for a home range to settle into.

Photographed from below, Orion is resting in a Red Gum tree. He is holding onto a branch with all four paws. The left side of his face is resting on the same branch. His dark nose and white chin are prominent, he eyes appear to be slightly open as he rests.
Facing forward, Orion is asleep  in a Red Gum tree. His arms and legs are tucked up close to his body. The brown of his scent gland on his white chest is visible, but partially obscured by the branch in front of him, which also partially obscures his face.
Young adult male koala with dark fur is in an area of a tree with lots of thinner branches. He has a round male looking face and looks nearly straight at the camera

On 4th June, 2023, the Koala Hospital Hotline notified Katrina that car had hit a koala close to Koala Gardens. She raced to the scene as fast as she could and found three kind people with a towel over a koalas head, and some cardboard to hold him still without putting direct pressure on him. These people were in the next car that came along and saw him flat out on the road. Stunned in the collision, the koala came to as they got up to him, he went to dash away. Their quick thinking allowed them to keep him there until Katrina arrived.

Katrina but she got the koala into the rescue cage, saw that it was Orion. We are all so grateful to the people who cared enough to stop to help him.

Facing right, male koala Orion is curled up asleep in a Pink Bloodwood tree. His head is resting on a branch. His dark nose is prominent, his chin is obscured by his right arm as he tucks his arms and legs close to his body.
Facing left, Orion is sitting on a branch and holding on to a vertical branch in front of him with all four paws. Against a background of leaves, his head is turned to look over his left shoulder and he is looking down. His full face can be seen as can his fluffy ears  His  eyes are open and he looks alert.

Katrina rushed Orion to the hospital. He had multiple injuries, including a head injury, internal bleeding, several broken ribs, a broken shoulder, several scrapes and bruising.

Katrina weas able to see him in hospital and also arrange for him to have food from trees at Koala Gardens. In early August he was well enough to come home, initially into the kindy so that he could regain his strength.

Orion spent 10 days in the kindy. He became quite restless, pacing the perimeter, not happy confined. To avoid him injuring his shoulder trying too hard to get free, Katrina opened the kindy gate and let him out.

We have not seen Orion at Koala Gardens since his release. A but at his age he would be looking to find a home range and to breed. We hope that he has done both and is living his best like, wild and free – but a visit would be nice!

Orion has lots of videos on YouTube  where he  has his own playlist. (below). He appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022 and 2023

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Facing left against a background of leaves and branches, Orion is photographed from below as he lies on a horizontal branch. He is holding on with his front paws, the soles of both feet are shown as he rests his legs on the branch. The left profile of his face is mostly,  visible, his eyes appear to be slightly open.