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We first saw Pearl, a beautiful female with a round face and dark fur, at Koala Gardens in 2022. It was not long before her gorgeous joey Hope emerged from her pouch for the first time. Watching them together was a total joy.

Pearl is sitting in the fork of a tree, her legs are tucked up and braced against the tree trunk in front of her creating a safe space in her lap for her 2022 male joey Hope. Pearl is facing forward, her eyes are open but she does not seemed to be focused. Joey Hopes face is seen in left profile, turning slightly to camera, as he sits facing mum with his head against her chest and chin His eyes are also open.
A close up of Pearl in a tree,  facing camera with her head wedged between two vertical branches.  No leaves are shown. Pearl can be seen holding the branches with her front paws, her claws digging into the bark. Two smaller vertical branches are in front of her partially obscuring her face. Her joey, Hope, had his head resting on top of his mums. He is also holding the right hand branch with his right arm. Both have their eyes open, Pearl is looking down and does not appear to be focused, Hope looks alert as he peers out over his mum.
Against a background of dense leaves,  Pearl is in a tree, sitting on a horizontal branch whilst, holding onto a vertical branch with all four paws. She appears to be asleep. Above her is her 2022 male joey Hope, he is holding onto the same vertical branch and is sitting in a similar position to his mum. He also appears to be asleep.

In early 2023 Pearl separated from Hope who happily got on with his life at Koala Gardens without her. Whilst we do not see Pearl on the property so often now; she is on a neighbouring property which is under koala habitat regeneration. This is a real victory for Koala Gardens. Katrina works voluntarily with other Landowners, educating and encouraging them. This new neighbour is now working with the same professional regeneration team to create a sanctuary directly adjoining Koala Gardens. Seeing Pearl there already is proof that this is the best strategy.

Facing left and looking over her left shoulder to camera, Pearl is sitting in a tree holding onto the tree trunk in front of her, she is partially obscured by the branches in front of her. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed. The close up nature of the photo highlights the thickness of her dense, grey fur.
Facing left with her head turned to camera, Pearl is holding onto a vertical tree stem with both front paws and her rear left paw. Her rear right paw is held away from the tree, the dark footpad and her long grooming claw can be seen. Pearl’s eyes are closed. Her large fluffy ears and large dark nose are shown in full view
Facing right, and shown against a background of leaves and branches. Pearl is peering out to camera from behind the tree trunk in front of her. Her left  front paw is holding the tree trunk, her right arm is folded across her chest. Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed.

Pearl was last seen at Koala gardens in July 2023, she was subsequently often seen at the neighbouring property to the south where she likely raised her latest joey, who was papping at the time she moved on.

Pearl has lots of video (with and without her joey) on YouTube and even has her very own playlist (below). She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2022 and 2023

Pearl is sitting up tall with her head high, her right arm out and is grooming under her arm with her right foot.
Close up of Pearl's pouch that has a lot of pap on surrounds and a joey face and arm visible and partly out.
Pearl is moving fast going up the trunk of a rough barked tree - she is looking  up and pushing off with her feet.

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Pearl is relaxing in a tree with her feet up. Against a background of leaves and facing right, she is sitting on a horizontal branch with her back legs raised and possibly resting on a branch not in the photo. Her right arm is resting on her tummy, her left arm is not in view. She is looking down, her eyes are closed. She is probably asleep.
Pearl is asleep in a tree. Facing right, she has her head tucked into her chest, her right eye and part of her nose are visible oner her right arm. The mottled pattern of her grey fur with the white fur on her rump is visible and are her large fluffy ears.