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Phoenix is the second joey of Racee, emerging from the pouch in early August, 2018. She grew quickly into into a big, strong girl, with a wide rump and thick arms, excellent traits in a koala. Her colouring is quite dark and she has a slightly undershot jaw giving her a distinctive look.  By her body condition it is obvious her jaw works perfectly and she eats all she needs.

Female koala Phoenix in a forest red gum tree, facing left, she has partially turned her face to camera. Her eyes are open as she looks into the distance.
Female koala Phoenix sitting on a narrow branch in a eucalyptus tree against a background of leaves. She is turning to camera but her eyes are closed.
Phoenix is looking back over her left shoulder at the camera. She is a big girl, over 8kg and has beautiful fluffy ears.

Phoenix and Racee separated on Dec 31, 2018. She was seen at Koala Gardens during 2019, but left the property at the end of February 2020 after the torrential rain early that year that broke a period of drought. She returned at the end of August and it was thrilling to see her pouch wriggling announcing the birth of a third generation of her line at Koala Gardens. Her joey Luna was the only joey born to a female colony member in 2021.

Phoenix and Luna had a spectacular escapade on a  neighbouring property during their time at Koala Gardens. Happily there was a good outcome for the pair, but the incident did highlight the many dangers faced by wild koalas and the need for more koala habitat.

In 2022, Phoenix had another daughter, Grace, whose father is possibly former colony male Bullet.

Against a background of branches and foliage, Grace is sitting in mum Phoenix’s lap. Phoenix is holding onto a vertical branch which is obscuring her face as she looks forward. Grace is peering round the branch, her face appearing to rest on Phoenix’s left leg as she peers out from under Phoenix’s arm. Grace’s eyes are open and her young joey face looks alert.

Phoenix brought both her joeys back to Koala Gardens as back young. She has also separated from both her joeys, leaving them to grow up there in a safe place.

Katrina hadn’t seen Phoenix since she left Grace at koala Gardens in August 2022. Phoenix she came home in October 2023. Sadly she was very unwell with Chlamydia. Katrina took her to the hospital, but it was not possible to save her. It is terribly sad to lose another koala to this disease, but Phoenix’s line lives on in Luna and Grace.

Rest in Peace beautiful girl.

Phoenix has lots of videos on YouTube  where she  has her own playlist. (below).. She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

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A close up of the face and fluffy ears of female koala Phoenix as she looks to camera between two vertical branches. Her eyes are open and she looks alert