Rhuarc for the koala wookies!


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We are so happy to see that the Watch Party Wheel of Time podcast has really turned into a community, and as a community, we want to give back. So as a show of this, let’s start by helping one of our own, Katrina (Koala Sedai) who does so much for the Wheel of Time fandom. In addition, she is also custodian of a koala sanctuary on her property.

Koala Gardens is a private property that is dedicated to koalas and all the habitat and wildlife that forms their ecosystem. The property is protected by a Conservation Agreement. Katrina spends time every day observing and recording data and video of the koala response to habitat regeneration. This is shared with the world to help people form a connection with nature again. Donations help Katrina with the voluntary work she does on her property, and with technology equipment to bring them to the world.

We recently unearthed a hilarious old and ridiculous video of Rhuarc performing Baby Got Back.

It’s so bad it’s good. Want to see?

When we reach the goal of $1000 US, it will be unleashed on the Watch Party: Wheel of Time community!

Every dollar will add up, thank you WoT fan freaks for your generosity.

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