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Stella is the 2018 daughter of Maxine and Legion. It was wonderful to be  able to watch Stella growing and developing right through from emerging from the pouch to becoming independent from Maxine.

Stella is in mum Maxine’s lap as they sit together in a tree. Both have wet coats, so had recently been in rain. Maxine’s features are hidden by her joey. Stella’s face is turned to camera, her eyes are closed, she appears to be asleep.
A damp Stella with her equally damp mum Maxine

As the winter progressed and Maxine showed a lot of pouch bulge with a new joey, ( who duly emerged from the pouch to be named Dewdrop), and Stella slowly spent more and more time away from the property. Hopefully she found her own home range nearby to live wild and free.

Against a background of leaves and branches, young female koala Stella is in a tree. Facing right and angled to camera, she is  holding onto the narrow branch in front of her with her feet and right hand. She is holding a leaf in her left hand. She has another, partially eaten leaf in her mouth.

Stella has lots of videos on YouTube  where she  has her own playlist. (below) and she also appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2018.

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Stella at 18 months old sitting curled up on a horizontal branch with one hand over her face.