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Stevie arrived at Koala Gardens in November 2016, most likely newly separated from her mum. We were delighted watching her mature from a sub-adult to a mother over a two year period. Fully grown she weighed around 6.5 kg which is large for female northern koala. She had such huge, fluffy ears that we found it extra easy to identify her. Her ears became one of her most endearing characteristics. Her many fans on Facebook were convinced that they were surely the biggest koala ears in the entire world (although later colony member Ellie can certainly compete with them ).

Stevie female koala relaxing in a tree surrounded by leaves giving a clear view of her face and huge ears as well as one koala hand and one koala foot.
Surrounded by leaves and branches, Stevie is in a tree reaching for leaves to eat.
Stevie holding joey Nick
Stevie in 2018 looking alert on a branch in a eucalyptus tree with a background of leaves Facing right, her big ears are in full view as is her face as she looks to camera.

By late 2016 Stevie was looking around the area in general to find the right place to settle. By 2017, she was becoming a beautiful big koala. She did not mate that year and so got to spend her teenage year feeding well on the many trees available at Koala Gardens and nearby.

In 2018 Steve had her first joey, a boy called Frankie.  At first we thought Bullet had mated her, but Frankie bore many signs of being a son of Jordan, mostly in his round face and dark colouring.

Sitting in fork of a tree, and shown against a background of branches, leaves and a cloudless blue sky, Stevie is facing left and looking over her left shoulder to camera.  Her eyes are open and she looks relaxed. Her spectacularly large fluffy ears prominently on display..

Stevie separated from Frankie during December,2018, when she was already pregnant again. Her second joey Nick, also a male, was born later that month. Beau followed her around for quite a long time, so possibly he is the father.

Stevie  successfully raised Nick at Koala Gardens during 2019.  In late December she gave birth again by which time Nick was been becoming quite independent of her. At that stage were moving around together but were always in separate trees. By later months of 2019, however, Frankie, as told in his story, was showing signs of being too much of a mummy’s boy. This is likely to be why Stevie only spent 109 days on the property in 2019 and decided to move on.

Stevie has lots of videos (with and without a joey) on YouTube  where she  has her own playlist (below).  She appears in the Koala Gardens Happenings for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.


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Facing right and against a background of leaves and branches, Stevie is in A Sally Wattle tree. She is looking over her right shoulder, her eyes are open. Her features are partially obscured by leave