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wild and free

A head shot of Newman in a tree, surrounded by branches and leaves and looking over his right shoulder to camera The 5 digits on his right hand can be seen as he holds the tree. His large dark nose, white chin and fluffy ears are shown His eyes are open, he looks relaxed.

Chemically nosey

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Koalas are specialist folivores. This means they eat a diet consisting of leaves, and in this case they have a narrow range of leaves that they are able to eat. Some people say koalas are ‘fussy eaters’, but the reason for their particular choices of which tree, and then which leaves in the tree they… Read More »Chemically nosey

Surrounded by leaves and branches, Racee is sitting in a tree with her joey Karla in her lap. Racee is facing right and can be seen reaching up with her right arm to hold on to a branch. Her face is obscured by the tree. Joey Karla is sitting cuddled up to Racee and can be seen holding on to her mum with her left arm and leg. Karla’s features cannot be seen.

Pap for a joey

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Pap – one dictionary definition of the word in general is “bland soft or semi-liquid food such as that suitable for babies or invalids.” Koala mums don’t have the luxury of a supermarket and kitchen to prepare those first baby meals for their joey of course. The koala digestive system is unlike that of most… Read More »Pap for a joey

Facing forward and against a background of leaves, Mist is holding on to a branch in front of her which is partially obscuring the left side of her face. Her eyes are open and she looks alert.

The koala nose

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Scents are important to koalas and their sense of smell is highly developed.  We are all aware that they have large noses dominating their faces, and that is not coincidental. The sense of smell is used for two main purposes – communication and chemical analysis of a potential meal. In both cases the ability to… Read More »The koala nose

Takeshi is holding the trunk of a forest red gum and is behind the tree, peering around. we can see his face, nose pattern and he holds on with long sharp claws

Koalas and machinery noises

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As mentioned previously, hearing is more than the physical process of vibrations being perceived inside the structure of the ear. Hearing is also about interpretation of those vibrations, and the how brain filters the vibrations our ears physically perceive. (How the brain filters and makes sense of what we, and in this case the koalas,… Read More »Koalas and machinery noises

Female koala Egwene sits it a large rough barked tree. Facing to the left she holds on to a vertical branch with her left front paw. Her face partially obscured by a thin branch she looks over her shoulder to the camera. Her large fluffy ears are prominently on show.

What do koalas hear?

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I have been fascinated by how koalas respond, or do not respond, to sound, when I have been out koala spotting. It would appear that koalas have a decent ability to hear. They have large, mobile ears and when awake I have found they can hear footsteps, twigs snapping or voices quite acutely. However hearing… Read More »What do koalas hear?

Against a background of branches and leaves, young female koala Dita Von is holding onto a slim vertical branch with three paws and peering round this branch to camera. Her eyes are open and her juvenile face looks alert. Shew is holding a leaf stem in her right hand.

Koala dealing with cars

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Once a koala is down on the ground and encounters a road, things really become seriously dangerous and complicated for them.  What is a road to a koala? A bitumen road (or even a gravel road) is a foreign surface for an animal that was already not doing so well on the ground. The koala… Read More »Koala dealing with cars

A tight close up of the face of dark furred young female koala Ivy. Her eyes are open and she looks alert. The white fur on her chin contrasts with her large, dark nose and mostly dark fur.

Do koalas have good eyesight?

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If you pose this question through Google the answer is pretty quickly returned as “no they do not”. Now why might that be? To understand why we need to consider the environment they had before humans came ripping through their homeland and changing everything. Koalas are arboreal marsupials which means they live in trees, and… Read More »Do koalas have good eyesight?