wow nearly 1000 subscribers!

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Hi. I'm Koola Koala.

Katrina has asked me to share how excited we are that we are about to jump across the line to 1000 subscribers.

If I was a male, I’d be bellowing!

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Now, the work Katrina does can only continue if people help. And we all love koalas!

Katrina is going to add a new paid membership option to the YouTube channel.

Now what she needs to know is: what would you like to see if you joined up and became part of the Koala Gardens family?

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Katrina's been working really hard to make things more personal here and there's lots and lots of exciting free content coming this year.

So please celebrate with us and we will do even more to help koalas together.

So, become part of the Koala Gardens family. And thanks so much for helping Katrina reach this important critical mass as we launch into a whole new stage and work together for our beautiful koalas. All my family.

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