2020 in Review

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Welcome to koala gardens 2020 in review. What we're going to do is we're going to look back over the whole year. But as we look back over the whole year, I had to figure out a way to order it. And there's a few different groupings so we are starting off with the koalas that we saw the least amount of. Then we will have the joeys that were born on the property and left their moms during the year. Then we're going to have the kindy, and then we begin the big count up. So, we've got 33 different individual koalas to look at. Who is going to be at the end of the list? So, remember the end of the list is the koalas that we saw most during the year.

So we're going to have a lot of fun. Make a cup of tea. You might want to hit pause, pour yourself a cuppa, pour a drink, whatever you want to do and come through to 2021 with me.

So we are going to start with some of the koalas that were only here between one and four days for the whole year.

The most divine koala who got named Adonis was only here one day.

Another stunning fellow only here for one day was Fabio. Look at what a lovely dark colour. Another one-dayer, Monti, is hiding out because Hugo was in the next tree.

And the fourth one day wonder is our beautiful Winston. We really would have liked him to hang around a bit longer.

Faison was found sitting on the veranda of a house not very far up the road. He checked out to be in perfect health, so we released him here, but he only hung around 2 days.

What a strong face this fellow George has. He was here for a total of three days.

We've had a few girls come across the property this year and Millie is certainly one of the prettier ones, but we only had her four days.

Now we are going to look at the two beautiful joeys who separated from their moms and went their way during 2020.

Nick is the son of Stevie and early in the year and he separated from his mum and he will have dispersed and gone off to find his own home range. Good luck mate.

Smokey the son of Racee fantastic little climb of his fella who was always high up in the trees. He also dispersed earlier this year to make his own home and we hope that he's living well wild and free.

So building a kindy here was a highlight of 2020. Let's have a look at all the koalas who have already come and gone, or are even still in the kindy right now.

Jesse's been in care a long time. He was the one who worked out how to actually scale the fence that we created around the kindy, causing us to have to do whole lot of extra work. Here we are actually putting him back in after his first escape and he got out that night. We caught him again and he's still in care.

Kyle was a very undernourished fellow from a couple hundred kilometres away. He came here to just eat and eat and eat while we found the best place to release him to. He's now doing well wild and free.

Here is bloom in her first leap out of the cage and into a tree in the kindy. Bloom is a young girl only a bit over 12 months old, quite pale grey. She's been raised with another very dark little girl called Ivy and they often sleep in the same tree together but move apart to feed during the day. Now we can see Ivy going “hey come on let me out too”, and up she goes. She's a little bit smaller than Bloom, but there's no flies on this girl, she knows exactly what she wants and she is just doing so well in the kindy.

Watch that bunch of leaves and up there goes Fey up the next tree. Fey is around two years old and has had a couple of misadventures and hopefully is going to be clear for the wild soon.

Meggs is back for a second time. She was here in October and was released out into the wild but she had a few health issues and has come back into care so we're really hoping that this time when she goes out in the wild she's going do really well and be up to staying wild and free.

Dimples is another beautiful female. She came out at the same time as Meggs first round in October. She's done really well out in the wild so being here in the kindy was a great step in her rehabilitation process.

Butters is the first of the boys who ever came into the kindy. He was here with Dimples and Meggs and did brilliantly learning to become independent.  He's now been released into the wild and is doing very well out there.

Dita Von was the first of two girls who came out into the kindy when it was first erected. She did very well here and has been released and is doing brilliantly out in the wild. She came here with another young girl lovely little dark Khamin.

Khamin had been hand raised for many, many months and had never even met Dita but she just took to the kindy like it was exactly what she knew she needed to do. She's now been released and is living wild and free as well.

Now we're up to the koalas have come and gone, but were here for a reasonable amount of time.

We haven't seen Stevie since earlier in the year after the drought broke with some torrential rain. She was separating from Nick so maybe she's just living nearby. We certainly hope so.

Now this is swaggie and Matilda. She is telling him no way. He's bellowing saying “mine mine mine”, however I don't believe she agreed with him at all. And I don't believe he managed to waltzing Matilda even once. Swaggie is a rather handsome looking fella. But now when we hear this noise is that Matilda again? No this time it's Swaggie, and Bullet is telling him what he thinks of Swaaggie’s waltzing attempts. But don't worry ,no koalas were seriously hurt. However Swaggie did move on a day later.

Now the very sophisticated Newman. Newman had his eye on Stevie and was often found around wherever she was. Interestingly enough when she left the property after the rains in January, Newman left as well so I have my suspicions.

Ash is the most gorgeous looking young fella. He really tried to make a home here but between Bullet and Hugo it didn't just seem to quite work out. Often he pops back in just for a day or two here and there.

Here is Racee with Smokey just before they separated. Unfortunately we lost Racee earlier this year. The exact cause is unknown, but she had enlarged lymph nodes and issues with her heart.

And of course nobody will ever forget Jordan. The amazing Alpha male that we lost earlier this year very tragically.  We did everything we could to save him, but his legacy lives on forever. And he has been one awesome koala.

Another of the new girls that have come along during this year is Maggie. What a delight she is. I’ve only seen her 21 times but hopefully she's going to consider coming back around in 2021. We would greatly welcome any beautiful females like her.

And here is Jackie. what a nose pattern this awesome huge girl has got.  She's just so beautiful and so big. Exactly what we want to see in possible big mumma koalas.

Now it is getting exciting. We are on the final count up. These koalas have been here longer and many of them are still here today who have we got.

Matilda is showing a good healthy set of lungs as she tells swaggie what’s what in the koala gardens world. Matilda has been seen here 41 days. I haven't seen her for the last week or two so she better hurry up and come back from her Holidays because we want to watch this girl every single day.

Having Phoenix here is beyond exciting. Phoenix was born on the property. She's a daughter of Racee and she left the property after the torrential rain early this year that broke the drought. She was gone for months and months, and has come back and I think that everybody remembers the most amazing video we got during the year of that little pouch wriggling away.

Ellie is the youngest of the independent koalas on the property she has actually grown quite a lot since she came here. I'm sure she's put on at least a half a kilo so she would now be about 3 kilos big. She's strong, she's healthy, and she's exactly the kind of future breeder we need. Just look at those ears, she's a delight.

Angel arrived at koala gardens in December 2019 she's the perfect mix of the biggest ears we've ever seen, and the best nose pattern we've ever seen. She stayed on the property for a total of 49 days absolutely mesmerising all of us, and she definitely had a little joey in pouch. So I hope that she was able to raise that beautiful young one somewhere close by and is very healthy and strong still.

Now we're down to koala number 32 - the fabulous Hugo showing the trickiness of arboreal living here, but he obviously does very well. Hugo is an Alpha male whose territory covers the Southwest end of the property. Interestingly, that's where we’ve being seeing most of the activity by all of the new girls during the second half of this year. So Hugo has really got something that's bringing them in it would seem. He was seen on the property 95 times during 2020.

And the koala who was seen most of all on the property during 2020 is the fantastic fella everybody loves, Bullet. Look at that face. We've been entertained and amazed by Bullet all year. Here he is earlier in the year getting across that same gap, but this video is taken months and months later, so this is something he regularly does. He also likes to contemplate and look ahead at 2021 and wonder what is going to be the state of koalas.

So there we go 2020 at koala gardens. What a year it was here, and what a year it was all over the globe. Let's hope that as we move through into 2021 we see many, many people realising the importance of looking after our planet. Thanks for being here with me

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