Bullet – what is that koala eating?

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What’s up YouTube?

 Well today Bullet’s got two treats for us. Firstly, some acrobatics. And you are going to see him eat something that might totally surprise you.

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Bullet does like to wake up at his own koala style pace.


This involves lots of half waking, snoozing, yawning, stretching, scratching and snoozing again.

After a while he finally decided to actually just grab the closest meal of his favourite forest red gum. It was then time for a good bit more scratching and stretching to help the first course down so that he could get ready to really enjoy the next course.

Koalas can actually scratch just as easily with either of their hands or either of their feet and yet I notice he ignores that tick that's on his right arm. Never mind.

He'll just settle back for an extra nap. As koalas say, “too many naps are never enough”. Looks like maybe that meal I thought he was having was really just a snack. Or maybe it was an appetiser?

So, I ended up leaving him to digest his appetiser and was really lucky when sometime later I looked out of my kitchen window and I saw him moving.

So, I had to race outside. He looks like he's heading to the place we've seen him acrobatically move across from one tree to the next. But this time he's going in the other direction. I'm not going to be able to see him properly.

So, I had to stop recording and move around the other side a little bit.

And I have to tell you the biggest thing when sneaking around koalas is not making crunching noises on dry leaves and twigs. So, I'm trying to creep closer and get just the right angle and wouldn't you know it, Bullet stops for a “think about the universe” break. I desperately want to move a little further around to the side but he's ignoring me, and I don't want to break the moment for him.

He actually ended up sitting there much longer than I expected him to.

So, let's be a little bit nerdy and geeky together now and just have a look at this situation Bullet’s in. Last time, when he was coming from the left tree across to the right, we can see the bottom arrow points to the branch he started from, the top to the one he reached up and latched onto.

And that's the branch he's walking across now going from the right tree to the left. But instead of getting off at that little stick that's right there beside his bottom now, he keeps going and ends up much higher up in the tree on the left. So, it wasn't as acrobatic, but it was an awful lot smarter and easier.

So, there's that little stick that he reached out and grabbed last time. And there's the gap. Then he slipped down the back of the trunk and now that he's on the ground he is on a mission to go and find some tasty plantation trees.

Ah ha, and he's chosen a tallowwood. He's very fond of these in the plantation.

Now the plantation area is right beside the kindy enclosure, and what we can see here is just inside the kindy fence, there is Webster sitting in a swamp mahogany.

And Templeton is around the front, near the entrance gate. An if we swing across to the right, there's Bullet.

Well, he's had a good feed now. So, he is trying to decide that most tricky of questions: will I have some desert?

And now for the thing that most of you are probably going to find quite surprising.

On his way to the tallowwood, Bullet stopped to have a side dish of dirt. Koalas actually do eat dirt at times to help keep their gut bacteria healthy, and to take in some trace minerals. This is the very first time I've ever managed to film a wild koala eating dirt. When we have koalas in the hospital, we always have a bowl of clean dirt available for them.

You can see he's taking in more than just one small mouthful, so this is an important part of the koala diet.

Well Bullet, thanks for showing us so many great things.

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