Bullet – some time Part 1

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Todays video is some time with Bullet part 1.

I'm going to be releasing another video tomorrow which will be Part 2 because bullet has been so active here the last couple of days. And today you're going to learn some things about koala poop that you never knew before.

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Bullet was having a bit of a time getting a really comfy spot. You know it kind of reminded me of when you're not sleeping real well and you think I just wanna roll over an I'll be more comfortable on this side. Imagine that the tree branches are pillows.

Whoops don't fall out of bed!

That's way more comfortable.

However, it only lasted a couple of minutes and then he was like ahh no, maybe no, I’ll go back on the other side, the other side was better after all. Yeah that's it, that's it. Just relax into it. That's it.

And just when you think...  Oh no, no, that's not it at all. Just, oh, maybe put the legs up in the air?

No. Maybe I'll just go down to the sunroom and try having a sleep on the couch.

You know I'd be pretty happy if I was flexible enough to be able to scratch my bottom with the other foot.

So down he goes onto the couch and now you're going to see something amazing.

Koalas actually poop in their sleep. They produce little olive size pallets of scat, and they will produce hundreds of these every single day. Their digestive system basically never stops at all.

There are actually some wonderful dark rain clouds forming bit later in the afternoon right along the entire East Coast. Such a different summer to the drought and the fires that we had last year.

Looking directly East you can see the rain coming.

Bullet is not going to be the least bit worried about the rain. If he can get a comfy spot. He'll just hunker down and sleep it on out.

Tomorrow we'll get to see some more of Bullets terrific climbing skills. He certainly keeps us well koalified.

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