Bullet – another fine koala meal

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Sunrise at Koala Gardens. Starting a typical day for Bullet.

Koalas sleep anywhere from 18 to 22 hours a day. Yep, that much!

So, it's no surprise that bullet is most often seen draped over some branches. They often sleep sitting up and will hold on with their hands while dangling their feet.

A lot of the time they not in a deep sleep, rather just snoozing or kind of daydreaming.

Now koala feet are awesome. Notice the thumb on his foot has no claw? And then the second and third toes are fused together and there are two claws.

It's late afternoon and Bullet has finally woken up enough to be ready for his dinner.

I actually had to work quite hard, moving around many different spots to try and get film of him clearly from the front. All those yummy leaves just kept getting in my way.

Finally, I found a spot where I could see his nose pattern clearly enough. When the breeze wasn't putting leaves in front of his face, I could see his face. But I was actually much further away from him then you might believe.

This was the furthest back I had to go in order to be able to see him. I'm nearly right over beside the kindy fence.

This meal went on for over half an hour as bullet munched and munched his way through this forest redgum. I've cut it down of course to just bring you the very best bits.

And of course, once that wonderful meal was consumed, Bullet settled in for another good koala nap.

As I zoom back out from this last shot, you can see I've ended up standing in my front garden. And here's a little peek at one of my favourite miniature roses in the garden.

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