BULLET – yawning through the storms

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Why is Bullet so tired?  Find out how koalas are coping with wild weather on the east coast of Australia.  Here's Hugo who is riding the winds and rain high up in a red gum.

It is time to be grateful for all those long claws and thumbs.

Ellie is riding it out high in a younger flooded gum.

Notice how she is keeping her chin tucked so the water will just roll off her.

But it was a different story down in the gully and where I found Bullet.

He is a bit more sheltered, on a thick bloodwood branch.  See him marking it with his scent gland.

Seems like a good place to sit this wild weather out, maybe get some sleep.

A shake of the head and some thick fur repels most of the water.

On the other side of the property however, Millie says it's time to eat all you can.

While she eats, Bullet is yawning like he hasn't slept all night.

Now the trick is to just settle in to a nice comfy spot and sleep this one out.

Isn't it awesome how that tree branch resembles Bullet's fur in the wet weather?

Yawning again, he really is one tired koala.

Don't you hate that moment when you feel yourself slipping on a high branch?

He almost looks like he is checking around now to be sure no one saw that!

Maybe it would be best to change branches, or no, maybe I'll just mark this one a bit more.

If you look closely you can see that his scent gland is looking quite dark and large.

That is partly due to him maturing, and partly simply from rubbing it on the very wet branches.

Pink bloodwood branches are quite staining when wet, so they make him look very macho.

Don't you love that expression, the crinkles in his nose, as he manages to reach that hard to scratch spot.

Meanwhile, somehow Princess Matilda seems far more wet than Bullet.

Even though he is looking in my direction he has been totally ignoring me.

It really seems like he is not getting enough sleep - what has he been up to?

After all he is in a pretty sheltered spot - just look at where Hugo is sleeping like a baby.

Oh come on now he is making me yawn and I slept all night!

However I'm quite sure if I were in that tree, I'd not just slip a little bit like that, I'd fall out!

Yet Ellie doesn't seem to be having any trouble, she is sleeping soundly, out in the wind, high up in another red gum, so why is Bullet so tired?

Maybe all this slipping is stopping him from getting that really good quality sleep.

He does look a little tired around the eyes doesn't he?  Hard life out there wild and free I guess.

But as you can see, koalas make no attempt to find shelter in the rain.  They simply curl up.

Yet, some seem to care less than others and are content to sit out in really exposed spots.

And somehow Matilda still looks like a princess, even soaking wet.

While Bullet really needs to find a way to get on top of his sleeping before he yawns us all right off to sleep!