Bullet stuffs his belly

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Guess what? It's time to spend another afternoon with Bullet. What an appetite this boy has got and he's going to show you all about his eating habits.

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Welcome to another feasting afternoon with Bullet. The morning started off with him curled up pretty tight having a good sleep to start the day. In the early afternoon, he moved to one of his favourite spots, in one of his favourite trees. He loves sleeping in this position even though I know it's like a little bit ‘hey Bullet!’

Later he woke up, and I suddenly looked out the kitchen window and realised that it was already dinner time. He's gone up into the top third of one of the really big forest red gums which is a primary koala food tree.

In the front here, you can see some beautiful white flowers. Those are actually not in the tree that Bullet is sitting in. They are flowers in the pink bloodwood tree that sits beside his two favourite forest red gums, and you can see that they are just bursting into flower.

Here, it's the end of summer which is the time they flower. Whereas the primary food tree, the forest red gum that Bullet is feeding in now, flowers in the middle of winter.

So, Mother Nature makes sure that there's always plenty of food for species like the bees, the birds that drink honey, the flying Foxes that do the most of the eucalypt pollinating, all year round, by having the different eucalypts flower at different times of the year.

So, now Bullet has moved up a little bit higher in the tree yet again and I just absolutely love this, watch closely, as he ‘shovel-mouths’ into that leaf. Yeah, they must be tasting so good!

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I’ve got hours and hours and hours of footage of koalas just eating that are too long to put into videos like this. So, I'm wondering, would you like some relaxation or meditation music type videos that just feature koalas eating, that you can just sit back and watch, relaxed. And I won't even be talking.

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It almost seems like Bullet’s just so totally immersed in the whole thing of eating, that he’s completely forgotten the entire rest of the world exists. He's just like, in koala food heaven. And then he opens his eyes a bit, and it's almost like ‘Oh yeah, there is a whole world out here!’ It's just so good eating here in my favourite tree.

As you know, in reality, I'm really quite a long distance away from Bullet but there's something that's getting his attention and he's looking over into my direction. But he's not really actually looking at me, nor truly aware of me in any way because I'm just too far away and inconsequential, particularly with such a good meal right there in his hands.

Koalas spend anything up to two hours a day eating, and usually they eat two main meals a day.

I have, at times, actually seeing bullet eat for around half an hour to an hour, nap for an hour or so, then actually wake up and eat again just for ten or fifteen minutes. And then he might go back to sleep and sleep for eight or ten hours straight.

So, they pretty much even sleep according to the needs of their belly.

When they eat a really good meal, they basically put themselves into a food coma. So they stuff themselves so full, that the only real choice they've got is to go to sleep and do all that digesting.

And it looks like he's reached that full limit. And oh, no he hasn't, he's going back up again to take on even more.

So, now we can see that he's a little bit higher in the tree again. He was in the top third before. Now, he's pretty much in the top of that branch that's coming out the side of the tree.

Koalas have thumbs on their feet and that allows them to really grip onto those branches with their feet, leaving their hands completely free to reach out and grab the branches and bring them to their mouth, so that they can eat the very best of the leaf that's up there.

He's also now got himself fairly nicely wedged into a spot which is another good eating strategy. You can see here how his feet can grip on pretty much as well as we would be able to grip on with our hands.

Eating for wild animals is pretty serious business. If you don't eat well, you might not have the energy to go and get your next meal.

But finally that belly is full enough and Bullet’s on his way down to find the best spot to settle in and sleep this wonderful meal off. And it's back to his favourite spot and his favourite position in his favourite spot.

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