All the koalas of January

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Hi, I'm Koola koala and I've moved into Koala Gardens. Katrina’s asked me to help with some videos.

I know we've got the same voice!

I hope you enjoy sharing the happenings at this awesome wildlife sanctuary with me. I'm looking forward to sharing heaps of my friends with you.

What's up YouTube?

Take a walk through January with me, and let's see all the koalas that were in and out during the month.

I wonder who was here the most?

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We had four girls in the kindy in the first week of January.

Bloom, Ivy, Fey and Meggs. And Meggs gave us all great excitement when it was found on her health check back at Friends of the Koala, that she's got a Joey in pouch.

And the two gorgeous boys that we had in the kindy during January - Templeton and Webster. Terrific buddies have now gone out to the soft release to become wild and free.

Fabio was just here for one visit. Maybe Hugo hurried him along?

Ash only popped in twice during the month. And both times, the next day, Hugo was where he'd been. Checking every single smell.

As we know, Jesse, or our Houdini, escaped the soft release.

Now he got out on the 16th of January and yet, he was seen here for 10 of the next 14 days.

So maybe he's going to hang around.

But the main thing is that we're thrilled that so far, he's coping well.

Now Bullet always manages to give us the most video and the most photos. Not always because he's here the most often. He was only here 12 days this month. It is the fact that he's usually in trees very close to the house that makes it so easy for me to get such great footage of him.

Hugo has been checking out Ashes movements very closely. He's also been here a little bit more often this month because he's had his eye quite closely on Miss Ellie.

Matilda got second prize for the number of days she was here. And we're hoping this was a little pouch bump reveal that she gave us.

She spent around half the month on the property, and she always manages to give a good regal impression whenever she is here.

And Miss Ellie is the winner! 29 out of 31 days, I found her on the property. Now Hugo's been paying her a lot of attention, and sometimes she's been hard to find hiding in the dense shrubs. So, I bet she was here somewhere on those two days that I missed her.

Hey! Whoa! Can you hear Bullet?

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