Jesse – one awesome koala!

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What’s up YouTube?

What's Jesse been up to for the past two weeks as a wild rebel Houdini at Koala Gardens?

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Jesse came to soft release on January 14th and he's had his own ideas, so we're calling him Houdini.

Now maybe Jesse knows when he's onto a good thing, because for the past couple of weeks I've found him at least one in every two days. And I suspect he's pretty much here all the time.

So, let's have a little look at how it's been doing.

He's pretty much moving about in the area in between Bullet and Hugo’s home ranges. Smart boy!

Now, tell me, does this face look like perfect contentment or what?

I think he's flying under the radar and attracting attention as little as possible. And this is a smart strategy for a smaller, weaker koala, to be able to stay, eat and build his strength up. He's been eating a mixture of primary food trees with ranges between the smaller young trees to the very top of the big mature ones.

Jesse was in care for a long time with gut issues. But so far, his bottom is clean and dry which is great to see.

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Jesse is very alert, but quite calm, which helps make me feel that he's not stressed. Some days, I see both Bullet and Hugo on the property as well as Jesse.

If you're a subscriber and you watch all of my videos, you will have this great bonus to know that this is one of those trees that clinger used to eat when it was very first planted here. You should check that video out if you haven't seen it already.

This tree that Jesse is in faces East. So, he is sheltered in the afternoon, but he's got a pretty fine view down over the East Coast of Australia. And that's my quad bike coming up. I wouldn't be able to cover the property every day without this as the land is quite steep in parts. So, it would take hours to walk.

Beautiful light is filtering through just here and Jess is nicely sheltered from the summer sun.

So, from the height of the large trees to the tender growth of the young, Jesse has had a good two weeks eating and building up his strength.

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