Jesse – the wild and free rebel koala

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Follow along with me on my quad bike and heading off to see if Jesse is doing OK out in the wild after his great escape.

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Jesse came here to build up some muscle and stamina in the new soft release enclosure. He's had a long history of recurring gut issues that have seen him in care at Friends of the Koala for a long time.

Well Jesse had other plans!

We can also call him Houdini as he escaped from the soft release. And the only way out was a flying koala acrobatic leap.

We decided not to try and catch him, but to watch him and see how he goes.

On his third day of freedom, he's in one of bullets favourite trees that I can see from my kitchen window. Luckily for him, Bullet was not around.

The afternoon brought some quite heavy rain, turning Jesse into one very soggy koala bundle. But in true koala style, he simply curled up and tucked his head in.

Once the rain stops it's quite awesome how beautiful the colour of the tree trunk is, with both of them dripping dry.

You might notice here that he has a very little scent gland, even though he's several years old. This may just help him to be accepted as no real threat by Bullet and Hugo.

We are looking at him now from behind my passionfruit vine. This is not an ornamental passionfruit; this is actual fruit that you can eat. And if you've never eaten passionfruit it is truly an absolute delight.

Luckily the koalas don't try to take them at all.

So, I'm managing to find Jesse on the property most days, and I think that it's very likely that he has actually been here every day. There are around 4000 trees here on the property, so finding koalas can actually be quite a challenge.

The very best find that I have is when I find him like this. You can nearly feel how much he is enjoying stuffing as much food in as he can. If Jesse is going to live wild and free this is what he needs to do a lot of.

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