Kindy – FOUR girls, day SIX

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Let's have a look at how the girls have been doing in the kindy over the past 6 days.

We have Fey who is pale grey and fluffy eared, dark little Ivy reminding me of Jordan colours, Meggs who is so haughty always seeming to look down regally, and Bloom who is just so pretty and minds her own business. 

Ivy and Bloom have been together for some time and still often come together to sleep.   The weather has been blue skies for the first 5 days, and the girls have moved about choosing different trees each day.

Most afternoons I find Ivy and Bloom have moved into different trees to eat their meal, then come together again to sleep.  Not every night however, and quite often during the day as they sleep they move apart for a while, then back together.  They are certainly making it hard some days to tell them apart as often then are nestled deep in the leaves, but when they come out clearly like this it is easy to check they appear to be coping well with kindy life.   Meggs is the largest of this group, and the oldest.  I can see she has matured just a little in the last couple of months since she was here.

As arboreal animals, koalas find themselves comfortable in places and positions we would regard strange.  She is content and probably catching a nice breeze.  Even though there are around 50 trees in the kindy enclosure, I am also providing some supplemental leaf as four girls can really eat a lot.   Riding the afternoon breezes is an important way to stay cool in the summer, and koalas seem to love the motion.   Best friends don't seem to mind who is in the top position, so long as you share nicely.

Grooming is an important daily activity for koalas who do nearly all of this with their feet, rather than their hands.  That double fused toe on each foot is a perfect comb to do the job.   The girls have all quickly learned to enjoy the tops of the small kindy trees, but it seems there are some private conversations that go on between Ivy and Bloom that they are not sharing with anyone at all.   Finally overnight it has rained, and Wednesday morning has shown me some very content, well hydrated young koalas. 

The rain is refreshing to these amazing animals that rarely drink much water from a ground source.  They get most of their water requirements from the water content of the leaves they eat.  This means that when it rains it is a great opportunity to get a reserve of water built up as they get lots of extra water from the outside of the leaves, and that they groom from out of their dense fur. 

As we head to the end of the first week in kindy, I think we can all agree, we have four very happy young ladies.