Koala Kindy Graduation Day

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What’s up YouTube?

Who would believe that it's graduation day for Webster and Templeton already?

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Well Templeton has decided that he wants to be King of the kindy tree. Apparently he needed to give a secret password, and I think it might have taken him a couple of tries, but eventually, he got a grudging approval and up he goes.

Talk about boys being boys.

You know when you look at this, you would hardly know that they actually have 50 trees to choose from in the kindy enclosure.

And today, Templeton definitely wins the pot-bellied slob competition. Do you think he's been eating enough?

Well, it's early morning and all is very quiet in the kindy. There's a little light rain passing through, and little do the boys know that today, is graduation day. The two boys are in quite separate areas of the kindy this morning, so I'll just quietly walk down through the centre and we'll find the tree where Templeton is. You can even see that it's lightly raining just now.

We prepare everything and make a plan as every time you catch a koala it's different.

These long poles have some aluminium foil on them, and we just rattle them above the koala to make them want to come down the tree.

Webster actually was very polite and just walked on down and Paul was able to grab him, and he was in the cage. It all took about 30 seconds flat.

Templeton was almost as easy. This was probably the two easiest catches that we've done in the kindy the whole time.

Now, while I'm going to miss these two beautiful faces, I'm so excited to know that they are in a soft release ready to be completely wild and free.

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